CTW Isis and Krishna Picture

The Gods that enlist the help of the five chosen to save their world from the demons before they can enter the light of day.

Isis The wife to Osiris also known as
Iris The Egyptian Goddess or the Greek (I think) Messenger of the Gods.
Krishna Indian God extremely powerful, he's the head of this mission having fought demons himself in his human lifetime.

I mean no offence to these Gods it is in utter respect that I do this, because I repect them both so much. Though I have no idea on their personalities apart from what is written in mythology, and it's just been anime-itised (I know it's not an actual word but it is now) just for this fic. I have very litle pictures on Krishna or Isis, so I worked with what I had trying to pull them off in anime style.

Krishna is Taisha's object of affection and her most favorite God (irl too)

There's just something about him that I adore aswell, save for being a wiccan and him having some kick ass powers that saved our house form hoodlum vandals while we were still inside... They sat at the end of the no exit street while the wind that corsed through the street kept them at bay and blew over several rubbish bins (just in our little house ares too) lining them up at the drive way like some sort of blockade. For that I'm happy with how he protected us, and this wind, was only in our street, once you left the street it wasn't there... or anywhere else and we didn't live near anyhills or ocean for scientific reason for this strong of a wind to effect us... so he's a good guy.

In the fic when he shows up he's in traditional garb but as the heroes travel through the world they have to cal upon him on a regular basis (much to his annoyance at time) so he takes on a more human look with casual wear and looses the blue skin but the hair in turn becomes blue (C'mon it's anime bare with me)

Celestial Time Warriors Preview: (Saiyuki World)

They walked out seeing Taisha holding on tight to a blue haired man who was seated on a red car.
“Now that’s some nice wheels.” Gojyo commented.
“Taisha… let him go.” Ange pried her off him all the while Taisha whining in complaint.
The God sucked in a breath and he let out a sigh. “Okay yes well…” He looked at Ange. “I understand for the moment your teaming up with the Sanzo party that’s fine by me. But for Hakaryu’s sake I think it’s best you have your own transport, they have their own mission and you can’t hinder them during that process.”
“Okay cool so you gave us a car.” Diane nodded. “But it’s the scroll you want to talk about isn’t it? We got the notation about how important it is that we find it.”
Krishna nodded. “That and the demons followed you through the gateway.”
Jez blinked. “I thought they would…” She crossed her arms for a moment. “So how strong are they?”
“One demon’s strength is equivalent to the three you’ve fought previously. But this time you don’t have a priest to bail you out.” He looked at her.
“That was only once…” Jez looked at him.
“She had a priest’s help last time, go figure.” Sanzo remarked. “Spose he chanted silly sutras to try and help.”
Jez thought for a moment. “Actually I don’t know what he did, he just showed up and they bolted. He’s pretty powerful, he eats a lot and a bit of a pervert.”
“Priests these days they just don’t make ‘em like they used to.” Gojyo joked.


Gojyo looked at the gun pointed at him. “Some people just can’t take a joke.”
“The scroll.” Ange interrupted.
“Is the key to binding the items to the places they came from. It’s needed for when this whole deal is over. It’s the only item taken from our world several times.” Krishna explained.
Diane nodded. “So it can bind other objects to our world but it can’t bind itself am I right?” She asked.
He nodded. “Fraid that’s the case as Jez knows, it’s the way of a clairvoyant too, they can fortell for others but when it comes to finding the car keys…” Krishna just smiled at her as she gave him a flat eyed look.
“It sucks really.” She complained.
“Nandan will take care of you, and once you leave this world he will come back to me.” Krishna patted the car on the hood.
“Uhhh kay. It’s called Nandan.” Ange looked at Taisha who was just glazing off in to la-la land at Krishna’s mere presence.
“Does he come with a CD player?” Jez asked opening the door to peer inside the car.
“Yes and a hundred and eighty watt stereo system, hydraulics, nos and a top speed of three hundred k’s per hour...” He just smiled.
“Niiiiiiiice.” Jez smiled and he handed her the keys.
“Don’t scratch him.” He warned.
“Uhhh why?” Taisha asked.
“He protests.” Krishna replied.
“Oooooohhhhhkay then…” Diane replied. “Don’t scratch the car got it, so why’d you give the keys to Jez then, have you seen her driving?”
“Hey that was GT three, not real life I’m good honest!” Jez protested.
“And if you need me just call, but don’t make a habit of it.” Krishna remarked before he just walked off before vanishing in to thin air.
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