The Nabbing of Persephone p. 3 Picture

I finished page 3 a lot earlier partly due to dedication and partly due to the large lack of background, and the snow in the third panel.
So... This part is where we get the biggest difference from the myths. See, Demeter, after discovering her daughter is missing, spends months wandering around the world looking for her, and doesn't tend to crops and stuff, and finally after forever, Helios is all "Oh yeah, I saw Hades kidnap your daughter kthxbai!" and then she goes to talk to Zeus.
Here Demeter just stands in one place, considering, and finally realizes talking to Zeus would be a good idea.
So, the change of color in the sky, Demeter's dress, and her hair, have to do with the seasons - the sky looks different, and... For some reason I decided her dress would be connected to the conditions of the harvest, and... Well, yeah.

She doesn't look nearly angry enough in that last panel...

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Astute Photoshoppers may realize I just apply a gradient to make the sky. :3

Newcomers: This is Sharpie marker + Photoshop
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