Bestial: Kappa Picture

My fascination with bestiaries is not new, but recently I've started drawing creatures with the illustrations of the medieval bestiaries in mind. There are a lot of gorgeous pictures here, and more lovely pictures as well as a ton of background info here.

The kappa is a japanese creature which lives in rivers, loves cucumbers and human flesh. It is often described as a sort of bipedal humanoid turtle with a beak and little bowl in the top of its head. In that bowl it keeps the water which is the source of its strength. So if you happen to meet one, give it a deep bow. When it feels compelled to return the courtesy, it will essentially drain its power. Whoops.

Also, in my extensive research (cough cough) I discovered that according to some stories kappa like sucking ass. Yep. Speaking of research, I got much of my visual reference from this page, this website and much of the stuff linked in both those places.

I wasn't really satisfied with this picture, it was a bit static and not very interesting, so I made another one that shows the kappa in action.

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