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Pokemon: My inspiration for learning to draw anime/manga more seriously

Dinosaurs: My favorite things since I was a child, they ignited my interest in animals and science, also another of my first topics to draw

Fox: One of my favorite animals, also I like a lot the influence the fox has over the people's psyche and cultural aspect

Nature: My influence is nature; I love animals, plants, natural phenomena. Follow nature's will and fear nature's wrath

Literature: One of my biggest obsessions is to absorb as much knowledge as possible, I can spend hours in a Library or a book store without getting bored. Any topic is fine; science, occultism, fiction, design, fairy tales, history...

Ghibli: Another great influence for me in the past, Hayao Miyazaki showed me that you don't have to recall over used themes to make a great story. He renewed my faith in fantasy and dreaming

Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai: After a long meditation my favorite anime ever was Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai; this anime has everything: Comedy, Parody, Mecha, Magic, etc. I love all the characters, there's not a character that I hate or dislike. It's also a not so long, not so short series with a really well done background story.

Shong: My biggest influence Nowadays

Mythology: One of my favorite topics is about Myths and Legends, not only Greek myths, but myths worldwide. I like Mythical creatures a lot too; among them the Sphinx, as shown above, has became one of my favorites.

Shota artists: I like shota art sometimes, not all of them because I don't like boys that look that girls, I think is quite disturbing... >.>; But I like boys doing boyish stuff, like pranking each other or fooling around doing random stuff, and having fun (and yeah, the sexual aspect is implied, but is not necessary).

Random things: Anything can happen!

Thailand: Thailand inspired me a lot lately; this country has a lot to show me and it never stops to make me feel amazed. One of my favorite places in the world

Something I'm still searching: I cannot define who or what is my biggest influence yet, I'm still looking for it, but it's so hard to tell, maybe someone can tell me...

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