The White Lady Picture

.. who ended up looking like Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings...

I was completely happy for once, drawing in a new and specific style for once and not jumping all över the place like I normally do when this freaking BEAR (yes Dea you are a bear) just started challenging me to develop and shit.

However we made a deal, if I drew something completely different from what I usually do he would give me my money back and an additional coke.

1, mythological beings (She's the white lady, a ghost who kidnaps and kills unfaithful men, apparantly she was in Supernatural, have no idea)
2, Full-body pictures ( I used to but then I found the light and have stuck to it)
3, Unusual lighting (apparantly I've been drawing the exact same shadows on every picture, hence the weird car-light-thingies)
4, Background (I don't know why but I extremely rarely draws fullfledged background as you might have noticed. I prefer drawing people and not rock and shit)
5, Colouring almost comletely without my black ink-lining. (Man I was scared the whole time I would mess it up! Heart racing the whole time!)
6, WITHOUT REFERENCES!!! (I ALWAYS use reference! The one I might have used was for the big face in the corner and I barely glanced at it. But as for everything else? WITHOUT REFERENCE)

Artistic note:
Usually I have the "oh well if they like it they like it if they don't then fine" this time I'm honestly questioning myself whether this is good. I was going for the ghostly feel but did I get there? NOPE. I'm really uncertain and just needs a pat on the back or some constructive criticism (and possibly some smirnoff).

As mentioned before I used almost no black outlines except for the eyes of the two figures (and that's because their lashes are black), it's a technique I would compare to classical oilpainting, just sketching the outlines and then erase them and go by memory and faint reminders. And man was it scary! I would get more detaljs on the small face but well it's small!
I REALLY like the background though, the sky behind the big head and the forrest kinda works for me.

Well it's left to see if this will make the bear stop complaining
(sorry for the long rant, I had a lot of thoughts on this one)
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