Man and Pegasus Versus the Chimera Picture

I am really happy to be done with this! I had a lot of fun drawing this and at first I was only going to use the line art as a guideline for the coloring but I liked the line art and knew it would take even more time to do it without the line art and I did not want to spend that much time because I was trying to finish this quickly for someone...

This was inspired by my art history class because I was sitting there one day admiring the wonderful paintings our art history teacher was showing us, and I started thinking about my art history teacher. She is a very very nice lady that not only I like but my friends who are also in her class say they like her too. She has been teaching for a long time and is getting ready to retire this year and I wanted to do something special for her since she has been a great teacher and she is retiring. I wanted to do a battle scene and was trying to think of a good myth I could use when the one with Bellerophon and Pegasus defeating the Chimera came to mind. I used random photos I found on Google for the reference. I did not reference a drawing of this scene, I referenced photos of each individual thing so for example for Pegasus I used a photo of a grey horse as reference and I also used a photo of a bald eagle flying for some idea as to how the wings should look. None of them look exactly like the reference photos which makes it more unique. I also found a cool brush in photoshop cs6 that I used for drawing the fur and hair.

I will try and remember to update this when I give this to my teacher to say how she reacted. I am going to take this to some place like Kinko's to get a nice print off done.
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