Moodboard meme Picture

This meme looked fun, so I wanted to do it.

I DO NOT OWN THESE PICTURES (except the 'dolls' one, that's mine). All the pictures and art belong to their respective owners.

steampunk - makes me feel inspired and pick up a pen immediately

mafia - nothing is cooler than badass men with loads of gun and money

graffiti - I really wish that in Helsinki you could see more good graffitis. I love how the artist make the dull wall come to live. Cities are too gray anyway.

abadoned places - they make me wonder how they ended up being like that, and I want to draw the story of the place

humberto ramos - my absolute favourite of the Marvel artist. His style just pops out. I love the faces, I love the movement, I love everything.

paul kidby - he has succeed to illustrate the characters way I imagine them. His drawings makes me want to be better

mythologies - HUGE source of inspiration. I love stories, creatures and everything

blood and bruises - there is certain ugly beauty in them. I draw always after watching Fight Club

uniforms - mmmm, uniforms~ I don't know why, but it is just so.

dolls - I love to look at them, play with them and then draw the characters

amélie - makes me feel happy and good, and I want to draw detailed happy things

tim burton - burton just hits the 'inspiration button' so hard, it almost hurts. But in a good way

van gogh - I love how painting of his tell stories, and the stories makes me want to draw

hair - as wierd as it is, good looking hair makes me create characters

canepa/barbucci - I absolutely ADORE their styles. Expressions are great, colouring is awesome and I just... see more.

black and white photos - I love them way more I love colour photos. I don't know why, I just do

music - kinda obvious isn't it?

books - this one too. A good story causes creation

animation - because I may want to be animator too, someday!

clothes/fashion - I love drawing clothes, and pondering which clothes would fit my OCs

harry potter - nothing makes me draw fanart for two weeks like Harry Potter

*Phobs - his art just... is so gorgeous I want to die, and be as good as him

post-apocalypse - endless opportunities

hyung min-woo - he is just plain awesome. I love his sort of sketchy and angular style <3

apple artbooks - greatest artbooks EVER

lord of the rings - almost like Harry Potter

hayao miyazaki - the places and the creatures he creates, makes me blow my mind and want to do the same to everybody else

dinosaurs - these haven't inspired me as much as they did when I was a kid, but hell, dinosaurs are awesome

*makani - humour, faces, movement, ideas. Just love

horses - I drew TONS AND TONS of horses when I was younger. The amount of horse drawings wasn't even funny

benjamin - one of the most gorgeous artist I've evern encountered

fashion portraits - because I love faces

*Creature13 - her art just hit the all right buttons

avatar - I couldn't get it out of my mind

boylove - oh well. makes me draw silly things

aliens - Again, endless opportunities <3
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