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Confesion of a Cardboard Crack Addict : Magic the Gathering

Back in the mid 1990's I got some Star Wars CCG cards with my brother. I played them at lunch in High School. A friend of mine sold me a Magic deck for $2.00, and it had some cool stuff. Lighting Bolts, Craw Wurms, Llandowar Elves, Fireballs, Zurin Oribs, etc. I had a bunch of fun. I slowly built more decks and played them in junior college. I wasted way too much time in Locke Lounge. I couldn't find anyone to play cards with at the 4 year school. When I went to Guadalajara Mexico I found two shops to play cards with people. I got banned from a Lodi shop over a girl named Jess, I still miss her, she was awesome to chill with and to talk to. The owner of the Lodi shop was a total piece of shit. For the most part I have gone to the Grapevine Comics in Stockton from 2001 to 2014. I decided to stop going there, it wasn't any fun anymore. At least I jumped into the Mosh Pit when fifteen bands played there one Saturday when Tony had a rock show.

When the place was owned by Ruth and latter by Tod, and then latter by Tony, the tournaments were single elimination. After a match of three games the loser would be knocked out of the tournament and there would be people to hang out with and play cards with for fun. But that changed under the new ownership. The store now does a Swiss method where losers are not knocked out of the tournament. They get paired down to the loser's bracket. They keep playing trying to win enough games to make it to the top eight players pool. People sit in the tournament all night now and I don't really ever get to play cards with anyone when I'm there. The players are too dumb and don't realize that only the people with the overpowered decks keep winning all their matches and make it to the top eight. The dumb noobs don't go and look up the best decks online, and order all those cards off eBay. And the tournaments only allow cards that are one year old or newer. The new cards are all the company ( Wizards of the Cost / HSABRO / Oprah Winfrey Inc.) make the money off of. I just have my old cards from like ten years ago and just want to play the game for fun. I can't afford to buy a $400 new Magic deck each year. That is what the people who Net-Deck and win the tournaments do. Also I don't care about the tournaments. I have like sixty Magic decks and I don't need to try and win dumb Promo Shiny Foil Cards. I need more Magic cards like a hole in the head. The place just became all about the tournaments. I just gave up going there because it isn't any fun anymore because I sit board off my ass and don't get to play cards when I am there. I guess at least by not taking my cards there they won't risk being stolen, I've had people take some of my cards before. I really hate how worthless mass printed cards obtain an arbitrary dollar value. I'll probably have more fun at home playing cards for free online with Magic Workstation. It is a free program that lets people play cards online with all the cards ever made for free. But you don't get the Human interaction.

I've met a few good friends playing cards. I also met my Lesbian Ex-Girlfriend who chopped all her hair off and dyed it purple after six years of being together. Maybe I should hate Magic cards for that. When I met her she just wanted to learn how to play the game. Oh well. I've at least had some fun playing cards. I like the older cards that were more based on Mythology and Religion. I liked to kind of role-play and worship Satin when I play evil cards like Demonic Tutor or Dark Ritual. I also built a holy Cleric deck that stops people from killing each other and makes the game a draw by using the card Divine Intervention to make God come down from Heaven and make us live in peace. But a bunch of the time I've gone to the Grapevine Comics Magic players don't want to play cards with me. Some of them are just there to play in the tournament only. They don't want to play cards for fun and are total shit-heads. Other people that do want to play cards with me get suckered into the tournaments, and I don't get to play cards with them until after the store closes and I go over to the Dairy Queen to chill and play cards with them. But there are also Elitist Shit-Heads that don't want to play cards with me because they only want to play Type 2 with the cards that are one year old or newer. They suffer from Gambling Addiction and waste their money all the time to buy packs of the new cards. When a new set of cards is printed they have an inflated price that goes down after a while. Only the very old cards retain their value over time. The cards that let people win the game on the first turn. I don't like to build overpowered decks that win immediately. But the tournament players do. They play with just the new cards and try to build decks that win the game in 3 to 4 turns. They are total shit-Heads trying to POWN on you. It is just a game, and wasn't it meant to have fun with? But they just don't get that. At least I have some Human friends to call up and play cars with from time to time. Maybe I should just stop going to the store that has a shitty play environment. I think there is a better place that most people tend to go to, but it is a thirty mile round trip for me to get there, just to play a silly game. I can't aford to waste the gas on that.

I did go to the newer shop called War Torn Front in Mantica to get extras for my Nazi Zombie Film. I got three people to be in my short film, and spent the rest of the night playing cards with people who were not in the tournament. On latter trips there, I didn't find many people that don't play in the tournaments. It was like in Stockton, people stuck in the pointless tournament all night. I sat there board. I only really went hoping to get people to be in my Nazi Zombie film. War Torn Front was like the Grapevine, mostly all Tournament people.

I also hate how much the company that made the cards keeps throwing out half the rules to dumb the game down for Noobs. Maybe I should just sell of all my cards??? I don't know.

The photo is a Black Lotus card on fire. I remember a 1995 era Christian webpage that explained how Magic Cards were evil and that they should be burned. But they didn't talk about gambling addiction which I believe tournament players suffer from.

Here is a link to that page, they did their research on some very old Magic rules books and other retailed sources. They don't like role-playing, probably because it is acting and that is telling falsehoods and lying when you role-play. I had a friend excommunicated from his church in the 1990s because he played Mtg Cards. I think the gambling addiction is much worse than the religious reasons.


Here is a link to Magic Worksation. My friend played his deck in "Test Deck in Solo mode" on his Labtop Computer. He told us what he was playing, and showed us his computer screen. He just had to put his hand face down into play on the screen before we looked at his screen. He was able to play with all the cards ever made without having to bring any cards with him. Click on "Download Evaluation" to get the free version. Then go to "Games & Manuals" on the page to get the card pool. Once in the program ignor all the strange Tower/Wall cards and load the MW.Base file. Then feel free to build decks and play cards for free.


I remember a friend that played Magic Cards back in Alpha told me that his cards got messed up when he and his friends would play with them on the blacktop in school and on the sidewalk. He told me that as kids, they thought Black Lotus was a bad card because it would go to the discard pile when used. The kids liked cards that would stay in play. He put his Black Lotus card in his Bicycle Spokes since it was a bad card. I think they sell for $1,200 with a black border and only $800 with a white border. I burned mine in protest of all the Shit Head people that hated on me and didn't want to play cards with me. I just liked to play the game and hate how the cardboard has a Dollar value attached to it.

I did go to the Grapevine to buy a card box to hold my magic decks. The old one was falling apart. I told Tom who worked there how lame the Swiss method is. How I sit there board off my ass most of the night and I had decided that I could be board at home on a Friday Night. I said to him that I decided not to go to Grapevine anymore on a Friday night. I think a bunch of my friends did the same and stopped going there a long time ago. Now it is for the Tournament players who play Type 2 and suffer from Gambling Addiction.
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