Influence map Picture

This is my influence map!!! 8D I'm sick so I can't concentrate on my drawings.. so I decided to do a meme instead

1 - Akira Amano. I would be lying if I said that she is the best mangaka ever.. I haven't even read enough manga, but I would also be lying if I said I don't love her work and that Reborn isn't my favorite manga. Her style has changed mine since the moment I met it, and I love it.

2 - Witch. I used to read it a lot.. and I used to draw in this way when I was younger, I still have some things from this style.

3 - Music. I can't work or live without music. It inspires me and helps me in too many ways.

4 - Disgaea. I love videogames, and after I played this game I tried to draw my characters the same way the game's character design was done.

5 - Mythology. I try to draw a lof of mythological creatures and I love fantasy. This is also part of my life since I was really young.

6 - Steampunk. Since I learned what this thing is it has influenced not only my drawings, but my stories and everything I create in my little head. And Stardust is one of my favorite movies ever.

7 - Tim Burton. He's one of my favorite movie directors, and it's thanks to him that I want to become one. His style for creating his worlds really was part of my childhood and now of my art.

8 -
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