Original character - Kennedy Picture

Why does he even have one? Beats me.

His name is Kennedy. (Possible to soon have a surname.)

enjoy. My thoughts on this character are as thus: He has the ability to reshape the way he's "animated", which makes sense since he's "aware" of being a "Toon".

Done in paint.


Oh. I guess I should make a better analysis of this character. I can do that.

Okay, HERE'S the full background of "Kennedy". He's actually one of several other "Special" programs inside an extremely complex Electrical System. (Parody ideas around him, around my favorite Games: .hack//G.U., Kingdom Hearts, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.)

The weapon you see in his hand is a Keyblade, but that's only because he hasn't had any access to his REAL weapon, called the "Debugging Tool". He deletes corrupt data in the system. The slight number of setbacks? Well, his creator, the person who made the entire system to begin with, is a little unstable and possibly a godless heathen. Kennedy is a program that is unique because he is an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), From his perception, he can feel fear, smell things, taste things, and change his expression and/or attitude.

Everything in the network he perceives and everyone in it are real to him. Which is ironic since everything in the system is a Cartoon. You Heard me.

Kennedy is Cartoon of Traditional Animation by the same guy who made the system. Interesting, right? Well it gets more interesting: He can shift the "Way" he's animated. Don't get it? Think of it like this - Kennedy can look like he was drawn by John K. (BLEEP)ing Krifalusci, then he could look like he was drawn character for 'King of The Hill' by Mike Judge and Greg Daniel, or he could look exactly as how he's pictured in the above photo: All Scratchy and wild, like the Beavis and Butthead animation, also done by Mike Judge. Cool, right?

Now, the weird part about this is that while everything in Kennedy's "Universe" looks and feels exactly like a Cartoon and one-celled animation, He and his "Party Members" are forced to abide by a special kind of system of fighting that feels EXACTLY like a Video Game. By that, I mean, literally all of Kennedy's enemies have a Bar of HP and he has to repeatedly smack their butts to sunday and he kills them when their HP reaches Zero. It works the same way when he's "Collecting Items", or "Exploring Dungeons", or even fighting "Regular Enemies!"

Even if this is out of place, I'd like to reveal his character. He speaks mainly like Brooklyn. But he has an odd admiration for the English accent, which would explain his Son-to-Father attachment to one of the characters seen on the show. He's foulmouthed, speaks long-winded, crazy and senseless run-on sentences, and goes through the typical Bad-ass to Good person character developmental stages of his life for long period, which end up with him... accepting God and becoming a Christian. (Gee, how'd I fit THAT in!?) For everything else, Kennedy being a program can bend his reality with the power of Data Drain and a Data Bracelet, which helps Him and his party of 4 in the Turn-Everything-Into-Bizzare-Gameplay-Sequence Department. (Hi- Ougi: Broken 4th Wall)

Stupid as it is, I have a tentatively named list of all of Kennedy's super-awesome Party Members. These are characters the Creator of the system watched as a teen and grew disturbingly obsessed with, enough to the point that he'd turn them into program that are forced out of their respective simulations for unexplained reasons. And Disclaimers.

Frankie Foster - Age 23 (FHFIF)
Class: Fighter
- Her Hard-coded function is "Outside of Time Freeze" which allows her stand outside of anything. She can pretty much use her fists for anything, and for more than just beating up enemies. She carries a small dagger later on, increasing the chain of attacks like a Hornet. (Hi- Ougi: Reigning Gale) She's pretty down to Earth and respecting.

Mr. Herriman - No Age (FHFIF)
Class: Mage
- Hard-coded functions are "Data Erode" since as a program, what he feels can either cause any form of data environment around him to erode or build over it's self, pixel by pixel with every 3200 thousandths of a second - the other is a lesser form of "Order". (Explained later on) (Hi- Ougi: Indignation) Don't be fooled: he's just as anal and rule-abiding as ever, and doesn't take learning of his being a program and "Different" from the "Original" Mr. Herriman too well.

James Alfred Hovis - Age 43 (Catscratch)
Class: Swordsman
- "Restrain" allows this program to Connect Kennedy's latent powers, his base functions, and having the "Restrain" function allows the program to cease any great level of activity in one data environment. The only odd thing about this guy is that's English AND the only Nickelodeon character in Kennedy's party. His humor is dry and he hardly shows any indication that he cares about when something awful happens. Confounded to find out that his "Role" was to play as a Father-figure to Kennedy, He's less than liking his position. (Hi- Ougi: Nightmare)

Clam (Program registry: Malcolm "Clam" Telford) - No Age
Class: Steam Gunner/Warrior
- "Delete". Clam becomes a mute, in favour of what Murray originally intended, to fulfil a vow of repentance. Clam delete a Trojan or any highly advanced class of virus and "Data Bug". And for the sake being creative, Clam's "Data" is unusual because he can shift between a "Child-like" Form and an "Adult Form", as well as outstretch his skinny-arms and bend his flexible body as easily as Kennedy can, much as how he could originally like his "Real" counterpart on "Camp Lazlo.

(I'm not sure If I have enough room to keep this up. Or whether or not I'm a... furry. Which is creepy.)

Kannono Earhart - Age 13
Class: Magic Knight
- Kennedy's love interest, and my Favourite character from "TOTW:RM". She spins every time she slashes. She's fierce, and her Hard-coding is "Regenerate"- as in she can repair damaged data. Not exactly charismatic and a little ditty. She's so kind and takes the shock of learning about her real identity (Beyond the Pasca Thing) along with the actual existence of the Real God with amazing ease and calm. (Hi Ougi: Unchained Note)

Wile E. Coyote (Age: 24) (Looney Tunes)
Class: Randomiser Mime
- Freaky, right? Well, not as freaky as what I'm about to write next. His function is "Order": "Wile" can reassemble large blocks of data and read code. Wile is pretty special since the Programmer decided to give him 2 Mystic Artes for each individual Form- After all, he is a Genius. But even his genius couldn't predict a massive slaughter and his one real rival being responsible. And his genius doesn't prevent him from extreme levels of shocking pain. He switches frequently between using "Sign" Language as his Toon Nature demands, and his refined speaking accent. Thinks highly of himself like a pompous ass, and develops something of an odd bond with Kennedy, trying to teach him the "Art" of Toon Physiology and hopefully unlocking his latent "Powers".
Normal Mode Wile: (Hi Ougi: Reverse)

Wile second form bears odd sibilance to Loonatic's "Tech E. Coyote", and is gained during a retarded fight against an exuberant, blood-crazy, battle freak of an Atheist.
"Tech" Mode Wile: (Hi Ougi: Grid Laser)

Rei Ayanami - Age 18 (NGE)
Class: Archer
- She's quiet. Due to certain events with Wile and Kennedy, she suddenly "breaks" out of her "Original's" intended character. (You heard me.) Amazing right? Like Kannono and Wile, she can cast white magic and heal, and knows devastating archery skills. She's still mature for her age. She discovers Wile "out of Place" in her world. She's a mystery, and so enigmatic that Wile as "Shinji" couldn't figure her out either. (Don't ask me about that) She's introverted, and it doesn't hit all the way through as deeply as having most of your limbs being severed in seconds, having to figure out you're actually a program. Her two functions being a program are "Recall" and "Rebirth": Getting deleted once, she ends up using it sooner than you'd think. (Hi- Ougi: Raining Light - Sacred Penance)

Mysterica Grants - Age 15 (Tales of the Abyss)
Class: Healer
- Strict and terribly cold-blooded. She meets Kennedy first and provides a critical plot twist. Then later on, everything in her Universe gets fucked up, Luke being "Killed" right in front of her eyes. She gets a faster glimpse of being a program than Kennedy did. She heals, and carries lances. Pretty soon she gets captured by a God-satisfaction-obsessed freak who looks like somebody from Rei's world, as a "Sacrifice". She has no particularly important function as a program (double irony) aside from "Data Repeat": This function can allow her, at the cost of 1000 HP, to make events in a Cartoon World or Game World "Simulation" Repeat their intended course of Events, which can only be used once on each individual World. (Hi- Ougi: Innocent Shine - Second Stage: Innocent Ripple)

(Cryil J.) Snagglepuss - Age 28 (Hanna-Barbera)
Class: Paladin
- You didn't see this coming did you? "Snagglepuss", like everybody else listed in this crazy-ass Dossier of Heroes, figures out that in the real world, real humans are depraved, sinful, and kind of fucked up in the mind, so it'd be natural for them to think in some twisted way that Snagglepuss is a homosexual, when it's pretty clear he's not.

Well no more, because HE has had enough of being miserably passive. He grows nerves of steel, a Backbone, and has his very own retarded looking sword. He mimics the stance and fighting magic of characters like Philia Phyllis. (Tales of Destiny) If ONLY he disposed off that "Even" thing he does too...

Magic caster like Mr. Herriman, and furry object of obsession by Mystearica Grants, and Snag to his friends, he's a pretty well-rounded kind of person. Well, okay, maybe he's a little flighty, and even after being told of his real identity, he still acts like "Snagglepuss". His function is just "Data Detect": the point of it is in the name, so I won't bother explaining it. And kind of like the next "Program" I'm about to list, He's been "through" a horrible tragedy. (Hi- Ougi: Germination Vine)

Quickdraw McGraw - Age 27 (Hanna-Barbera)
Class: Rounder Gunner

"Function": Data OVERRIDE - Can defy any form of deletion and recover, but the unfortunate side-effect of infecting other programs comes with the package. And this being so out of character for even himself, Quickdraw becomes the most angst-ridden program among Kennedy's friends. SPOILERS will tell you why. Then you'll wonder why I added him in, and what a significance he plays.

Describing what happened to make "Quickdraw" realize everything "outside" his "Universe" would be like trying to nail Jello to the Wall : It'd be messy and nobody finds it enjoyable. After having a Third-Life experience to a sound death, he joins Kennedy's party. He uses two guns, a 6 String Guitar, and is a really unparalled in accuracy. His role in the story is cornily Key, because it's really kind of messed up in a good sort of way. (Hi- Ougi: Tumbleweed)
(2nd Hi- Ougi: Burning Phoenix)

Noctis Lucis Caelum
Age: Unknown
- From Final Fantasy XIII. Noctis had become the "Favourite" of a certain somebody long before his "Game" had even a chance to come out. Arrogant, quiet, and utterly lacking in social compatibility or communication, he's cold and bitter. But the fact that he can manipulate Data like Wile E. Coyote, combined with his amazing Sword, Axe, and Lance Techniques kick some ass. With absolutely NO real Background having come up before him, he's suddenly swept away from the intended courses of his own world and forced to make contact with... Kennedy and friends. (Hi- Ougi: The End)

Lilith Xaldin
Age: Unknown.
Class: Goddess - Status Operator
- She's black and flighty. She has an unbridled love of cute things, which creeps everybody else out. That includes Mystearica. She's practical and treats Kennedy as if he was a retarded, unsociable brother. Strangely enough, she has more experience with a dealing with somebody that's like a brother to her. Some find her lazy and distanced, and she's hardly one cut out for doing any work. When she's angry, she gets... hard to work with. She puts up with no Bullshit and rides the data stream like a Surfer. When's she's serious- her powers are phenomenal. She develops a small crush with "Malcolm" later on. Wile E. Coyote is the very first program to discover something else is not quite right with her.... (Hi- Ougi: Lord's Blessing: Ether Hole)

Lelouch Lamperogue (Code Geass/CGR2)
Age: 19
Class: Swordsman
- Confident with a robot as much as Chess piece, the ironic twist of fate that led Lelouch down the path to playing God and Devil at the same time is as Epic a tale as when watching a stuffed animal explode in front of you. Through the "Code Geass" storyline he fell into the tightening folds of the "Zero Requiem" a plan that called for ultimate, unnecessarily dramatic and bloody sacrifice. What "Lelouch" didn't expect after getting stabbed was meeting Kennedy and Co. and then learning about what kind of f-ed up mind is beneath the shell of the guy who "Made" his world. (Hi- Ougi: Obedient Roar- First Form: Obedience - Second Form: Punishment - Third Form: Perish)
His function allows him to do pretty much what's been able to do in the show: just now on a HIGHER scale, with bigger special effects and an ass-kicker catchphrase of "Obey MY Will." He can command ANY rogue program to do what he says, even commit an unnecessarily bloody suicide.

Alexei - Tales of Vesperia
- He's pure evil. Or was. He ended up becoming extremely vain after seeing the doom he brought upon the world of the "Tales of Vesperia" Universe. He's not happy to figure out he's a program, let alone, utterly powerless in the wake of figuring out about Cartoon Characters stronger than even him. His sword skills and Hi-Ougi (Brilliant Catechism) are devestating. He resents what he is, What the real reality of everything is, that mere fucking Children play the "Game", the fact that there's a God, AND that Kennedy is a special program. Actually, he ends up hating Kennedy the first time they meet after Alexei "Dies" in the Simulation of the Vesperia Game, only to find out later that everything really did turn out for the best... just not the way he Fuckatively Envisioned.

Furrball - Tiny Toon Adventures
Weapon: Claws and Knifes
- He came from the same "Universe" as Wile. He got lost in the data stream, chasing after the familiar scent of Wile. He's incredibly shy and wants to be helpful. He ends up helping Lelouch and Clam retrieve Aundul and Quickdraw from the clutches of "Them" after they get abducted to a pantomime world structure akin to a school. (Hi-Ougi: Catastrophe)

Beveraux Xaldin - Original
- Program
Weapon: Lances.
- Description: Beveraux Xaldin is an unusual program who has bishonen good looks and unnaturally white hair color. He has a fascination with the cold, truthful finality of Death. Actually, see THIS trait of his is just a part of him that had been already hard-coded into his Map Data. He ends up rewritting and completely obliterating this part of his programming by the Free Will he finally gains, in favour of wanting to be friends and share in the christian beliefs with Kennedy. Morbid and distinctly Emo...tional. Kennedy makes him the butt of any dirty joke, all though he dismisses this as kindness on Kennedy's part. He can attack just about any enemy from far away or up close. (Hi- Ougi: Dancing Light's Arc)
Oh yeah. After he meets Kennedy, he's asked to cut and dye his hair brown. LOL
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