Rav Picture

The Metru Nui II chronicler, Rav is very responsible, but he will occasionally act childish. His profile is below:

Name: Rav

Place of Origin: Metru Nui II

Likes: Star-gazing, friendship, mythology, and pancakes

Dislikes: Dark Hunters, computer viruses, and metroids

Rav is the only custom Matoran in Metru Nui II, and he is the chronicler as well. Next to Turaga Zeo, he is the most important member of the Order of Metru Nui II. One of his favorite hobbies is to do research on mythology, and to find clues about what may happen next. Rav is also very selfless and is always contributing to the team. Rav is a Matoran you can always trust.
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