Temporary Ref: Yato Frost Picture

Yato- Um... Hey.

♡ This is Yato, who was originally ment to be a boyfriend for Lucy until Jay came around. As you read his info you'll notice he's an expie of me(We're not completely the same, he's a pervert) and my favorite male anime characters(mostly Gray). Also I'm not very good at RPing boys. Do not try to make me think otherwise. I'm pretty sure a boy would be able to tell what I'm doing wrong. XD Also, he is my favorite and my main male OC, almost like my persona really, more than Lucy or Julia or even Naito, Valiant, Meka, Inumaru and Hachimaru which are all of my expies and when put together, you could possibly recreate me.

Now before you read anymore DON'T TRY TO DATE HIM, ESPECIALLY JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK HES CUTE OR BECAUSE YOUR OC NEEDS A BOYFRIEND, HE'S NOT FOR YOU. For one, no one needs boyfriend, you just fall inlove, two, he's inlove with Lucy, three, he's going to be paired with my OC Naito, four, The conversation would get awkward and weird, five, if you annoy him by doing so, he'd probably never change his opinion on you, six, he prefers men over women, seven, Naito, July and Julia wouldn't like you, and eight, that's no real reason to date ANYONE. -.- And if you choose to go against these... he probably won't like you anyway... Now, I promise you I'm not trying to be mean, I just see this a lot and has had this problem in the past and died over it... You are currently speaking to a ghost...


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