Asian Monsters part 2 Picture

Jinmenju fruit: The Jinmenju fruit are the fruit of a strange tree known as the Jinmenju, the Jimnenju tree was believed to grow in the remote mountainous areas of China. It's fruits all have human faces on them. The fruits are always smiling or laughing even when they fall off their branch. (Pretty creepy don't you think?)

Toyol: Toyols are mythical spirits that originated from South East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. Toyols are believed to be fetuses that died from abortion that are brought to life by black magic. When brought to life, they are often served as servents for the person that brought them to life. People often use Toyols for causing mischief, most often they are used to steal things from other people, mostly money. When not in use, they are often placed in a jar or urn. According to a well known superstition, if your money kept disappearing, it is possible that a toyol might be stealing it. They often have green or gray skin and appear very goblin like, it also has a large head, small hands, and clouded eyes. People try to keep these creatures away by placing their money under their mirror, because Toyols are believed to be afraid of their own refection. People also place Needles on top of their money to keep them away, as it was also believed tat Toyols are afraid of sharp objects.

Garappa: The garappa is a close relative to the Kappa that are found only on the island of Kyushu, unlike kappas, Garappas have longer limbs and slightly longer beaks than the kappa.They are also very shy towards humans, so they usually avoid populated areas. So they often wander between the mountains and rivers. Garappas live in smaller groups, or by themselves. Because of their shyness, they are more often heard than seen. Despite their shyness, they are also fond of pulling pranks, just like their shorter relatives. One of their pranks included misguiding mountain travelers into losing their way. Garappas are also stronger than humans. Garrappas are also sexually aggressive, just like the kappa, and will often rape women. Despite their nasty pranks, garappas are dedicated to keeping their word. When captured, they are forced to promise to stop pulling pranks and doing childish actions. Over the centures, Shinto sects which revere garrappas have worked to earn promises from them. As a result, Garrappa attacks have become less and less common. They will now occasionally serve humans, and they are credited with teaching the ancient people of Kyushu the art of making poultices.

Otoroshi: Otoroshi is a large hairy beast that originated from Japanese mythology. They are often depicted to have large tusks, a large pair of eyes, and Long Shaggy hair to hide its body. It will also make itself visible when ever it wishes to. Otoroshis are believed to be suspended on the torii, the gates of every shrine to separate the human from the divine world, it will fall onto anyone that enters the shrine that does not respect the holiness of the place, it will then crush it's victims to death and then eat them.

Hito Dama:
Every culture has a different belief about what happens when you die. In Japan, it was believed that tailed orbs of lithe would leave the body after death and floats around graveyards. These spirits are called Hito dama: Hito-damas are visible to humans and can be red, orange, or blueish white. They are often found in the Graveyards and gloomy forests of Japan in warm Summer nights, they will hide themselves in the ground once they are spotted.

Naga: Nagas are half human, half serpent creatures of India. The male variation of this creature are called Nagas, while females are called Naginis. Above their waist they have the body of a human, and below they have the body of a serpent, sometimes they are depicted to have more then one head and can vary in color. Nagas fall into 4 classes, Heavenly, Divine, Earthly, and Hidden. All Nagas and Naginis are characterized by carious functions (guarding the heavenly palace, giving rainfall, or draining rivers) It is said they will eventually destroy the world

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