Senka Lusine Picture

Name: Senka Lusine

Age: looks 21 but ages slower due to her tome's ability

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9 (5'11 with boots on)

Shard Placement/position: just above her collar bone

Shard Appearance: Her shard takes the form of a blood red pentagonal pendant embedded in her flesh

Personality: Helpful, charming, feisty, vindictive, dark, very outspoken, brash, snarky, sarcastic, witty, and yet somehow manages to make it all look classy, the kind of person who can charmingly insult you into a situation and you wouldn't even know it was a bad thing.

Favorite saying: "What can I say I'm a certified hell raiser" "No way in hell…and trust me I'd know"

Appearance: A tall, toned, slender framed black woman with red eyes and mid torso length hair that she likes to dye different bright colors but it always fades to black within a few weeks. Her slender toned body is lined with glowing red ancient runic tattoos that only show when she wants them to. Her fingernails are long and black, no matter how many times she cuts them or paints over them much like her hair they soon grow back and the paint fades away.

Clothing: She is usually found sporting a long black cloak over a ruffled white button down top and a vest. She sports a side sash around her waist holding a variety of objects from keys to small knives. She usually wears short, to mid length skirts, if the skirt is long you can bet it's got a high slit(she enjoys movability in her clothing), She usually sports a pair of tall combat boots when on missions but can usually be found rocking a nice pair of heels when around the school.

Race: Human/Vessel

History: Orphaned as a babe on the door step of a young witch in the Myrn Caverns of Ened she experienced a horrifying incident as a child that placed her in a life binding contract with Satan. In exchange for something very dear to her she sold her soul to the devil and received her tome. As she grew older and increased her skills in black magic she traveled around to learn of the world, she studied ancient ruins across the lands and eventually heard of the Almanac where she had applied to be a teacher, but was found to posses a shard and was therefore thrown headlong into becoming a chapter head.

Place of origin: Ened

School year: Graduated

occupation: Mythology Teacher

Reading level: Chapter Head

Tome Type: A book of Demonology, A tome that summons certain types of demons, allows the user to use immense amounts of dark magic, and mostly enables the wielder to transform themselves into demons of their choice to utilize their powers.

Tome Name: Suscitatio Ex Erinyes (Awakening the prince of darkness)

Cover spell: Fatali Nefas(Fated Fiend)

Spell list: Fatali Nefas(A spell to awaken a helper demon to her beck and call), Tenebris Obsidione(A binding spell), Praestigiator(A spell that allows summoning of one kind of demon at a time, multiples may be summoned, but they must be of the same type and only a few at once), Magam Figuris(A spell that allows the user to transform into any demon of their will), Infernus (A spell that casts a black magic flame) Malam Fuga(A spell that allows the user to briefly fly) Ostium Ex Inferni(A containment spell)…etc

Tome appearance: A pure black tome with black pages, there is a large red stain across the bottom of it that is a splatter of Senka's blood that never fades or wears away, on the top of the cover is a golden inlaid hour glass that never seems to move though it does. All writing on the tome appears to be in blood.

Likes: Sweets, classic literature, ancient things, black magic

Dislikes: Wolves, ignorant people, ill-read people, ill-mannered people.

Weapon: All sorts of random shit hidden in that huge cloak of hers

Birthday: June 6th

Talents/Skill: Dark magics, plays the lute, plays the harp, combative magics

Other: She usually keeps two helper demons summoned at all times, she has so lovingly named them Malum and Lucrum and they have grown quite attached to their new master. While other's may copy Senka's spells, they will more often than not back fire on the user as her contract connects to her abilities.
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