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Ever since the destruction of his Death Egg, things have been more quiet for the Freedom Fighters. But it didn’t make it any less dangerous since they knew Eggman would come back for revenge with a different weapon next time. But the Freedom Fighters took more time to themselves. Though she enjoyed her time with her friends, and especially her boyfriend Sonic, there was still thing left unresolved: the location of the last Chaos Emerald.

Tails had warned her Sonic can’t keep using the Fake Emeralds to substitute the seventh one, it would eventually stop to work. That meant Sonic would revert back to the demon Super Sonic once he tried to tap into the Emeralds power again. Besides, they couldn’t let Eggman find it before them either. Sally has gone through some books and archives but didn’t find anything.

She sighed as she didn’t know what other books she could consult right now. She checked the section of mythology on another book. Oddly enough she only found a fairytale book. “This can’t be all there is left? I mean, can I really find the answer to it all in a book with bedtime stories?” Sally said as she turned the pages either way. However when she stopped at a specific page, she got a surprised look on her face. “That’s it! I got to show the rest.”

The other Freedom fighters were watching a very amusing sight: Muttski trying to arm wrestle Amy. Muttski looked in pain and sweaty as Amy didn’t seem to have any trouble, as her arm didn’t move an inch, as she was reading a magazine, which she held in her other hand while wearing reading glasses. “Stop playing with him and beat him already.” Fiona said. Amy then pinned down Muttski, making her the winner.

Muttski held his hand in pain as he moaned: “Muttski wants a rematch…ouch! Once Muttski’s hand has healed.”

It was then that Sally busted in: “Guys, I know where the final Chaos Emerald is!”

“Really? That’s great news. Where is it then?” Sonic asked. Sally showed them the fairytale book. “Er…Sal, that’s a book of fairytales.”

“Yes, but fairytales are based on legends. The place where the Emerald lies is the legendary floating island known as Angel Island! The fairytale mentions a mystic gem. It has to be the Chaos Emeralds.” Sally stated.

“But eet eez just a conte de fée. Are we really going to take zis serious?” Antoine asked.

“Legends are often based on the facts, same for fairytales. Besides, it talks about a mystic gem, if it’s even remotely connected to the Chaos Emeralds, we have to take the risk.” Tails said.

“Then it’s settled. We’re going to look for the flying island. Only problem: where do we start? If the island even exists, how will we find it? If it has been undiscovered for years, it has to have a reason.” Sonic realized.

“We got Chaos Emeralds of our own, right? Maybe we can use those to track down the one that’s on Angel Island? Since they’re not in a different dimension, it should be possible right?” Fiona suggested.

“Fiona, that’s brilliant. I could just kiss you!” Tails stated.

“Why don’t you just do it, you’re my boyfriend now.” Fiona said seductively.

“Oh right…still getting used to it. Come here!” Tails said as he and Fiona kissed.

“I’m getting some ideas Sal…” Sonic said as he wrapped his arm around Sally. Both of them smiled as they kissed too.

“Muttski really needs a girlfriend.” Muttski moaned. Amy and Lily hid behind Rotor as Bunnie and Antoine looked at each other blushing.

Much later, Tails brought everything to the hangar where Tori waited alongside a large airship. “Presenting the Freedom Fighter Special. Not advanced as Tori, but it gets the job done.”

“I’m glad it exists cause I’m not carrying all of those guys and gals on my wings.” Tori added.

“I also equipped Tori with a scanner that reacts to Chaos Energy, so we should find the Emerald.” Tails explained.

“But how are we going to find that island. It can be everywhere around the world. Our search will be never ending.” Rotor stated.

“I’ve dug up some files that concerned people who have seen unidentified flying objects or strange phenomena in the sky. We believe the island is at the source of those. Tails had deducted the route the flying island takes based on the time and place of the sightings.” Sally explained.

“Is there a calculator inside ze head of Tails? Ze little guy never ceases to amaze moi.” Antoine asked.

“Let’s talk about my brainpower later and now focus on the mission. Unless it’s Fiona, I love it when she flatters me…” Tails commented.

“What have I done? For the whole trip I’m going to listen to the lovebirds being lovy dovey…why did I think it was a good idea?” Tori muttered.

While Tails piloted Tori, with Fiona in the back seat and Sonic and Sally on the wings, the rest of the team was in the Freedom Fighters special, piloted by Lily. The gates of the hangars opened up and both air vessels took it to the skies. “Okay, this is it, time to whip out the Emerald detector!” Tails said as he dialed some buttons on the control panel, and the radar activated. “Okay, now let’s head for the coordinates I’ve calculated and see if they’re right.”

The air vessels flew for a while, nothing going on. The radars hadn’t picked up anything as of yet. “I think it’s a lost cause, we’re searching for hours!” Lily said to Tails over the communicators.

“This just can’t be it…it was our only lead. Maybe my calculations were just wrong…” Tails said sadly.

“I’m glad you supported Sal’s idea, lil bro, but it doesn’t look like we’ll find…” Sonic said, but before he finished, the radar started beeping. “…just some air and clouds cause your invention totally works!” Sonic finished.

“I don’t see anything ahead, yet the radars say there is.” Lily said over the communicators.

“I thought of that. I equipped my goggles with filters, allowing them to see past camouflage, illusions, the works!” Tails said as he turned his goggles, switching from normal to special vision. “I see it, I see the island float in the distance. Lily, switch yours on too!”

Lily has turned on the goggles Tails had given her, and to her it appeared as well: a huge island in the sky, the plant-covered rocky flying sky object, it was real. “I see it too…but how did it appear in those files if it’s camouflaged?”

“I bet some rare occurrences like solar flares and stuff temporarily disrupted the invisibility veil surrounded it. But now we don’t need to worry, once we pass the veil, we no longer need the goggles to see it!” Tails stated.

But as they approached the islands, they were surprised to see a really huge fleet or flying Eggman robots: Buzzers, Egg Saucers, Balkaries, Nebulas and Turtloids. “What? Eggman robots in this place? How can this be?” Tails wondered.

“No time to worry, we’re going in. Prepare for battle anyone!” Sonic stated. Sonic jumped off the plane and homing attacked his way through several enemies.

“Sally, Fiona, there is some extreme gear in Tori’s storage compartement. Lily has made some. There is also some Extreme Gear for everyone down the Freedom Fighter special.” Tails instructed. Everyone grabbed some Extreme Gear and jumped off to help fight. Tails didn’t need extreme gear, but took one for Sonic in case Sonic would run out of enemies to homing attack. While Tori was left on auto-pilot, Nicole controlled the Freedom Fighter special as Lily could also join in the sky fight.

Sonic had been homing in on some foes, as some of them got smart and moved back out of Sonic’s reach, and Sonic appeared to fall until Tails flew in and handed the Extreme Gear to Sonic. Sonic jumped on it and used it to catch up with Eggman machines, Axe kick them before homing attack on them and landing back on his board. “Thanks bro!” Sonic said as he gave a thumbs up.

“No problem, big bro!” Tails said as he rushed at some Eggman robots and rammed them with his still spinning tails, sending them tumbling through the air and slamming them into other Eggman goons, destroying them.

Sally on her board, was spinning her tonfa to deflect the energy blasts fired at her by the flying Eggman robots. She then used her tonfa to bash at the Eggman bots, sending them plummeting towards the ground.

The only time Lily looked confidant was when she was on her hoverboard. And now she was in her element, she was very confident indeed. After doing flips, tricks and moves to dodge all laser fire, she tossed several feather darts at her foes, which exploded on impact.

Amy’s archery skills came in handy as she from her hoverboard could take out the flying enemies from a distance. However, a few came close, and Amy didn’t have time to reload her bow and instead used it to whack them hard, knocking them out of the air.

Antoine swung his sword, slicing the robotic minions to ribbons. One tried to sneak up on him, but it was blasted apart by Bunnie. “Thanks, ma chérie.” He complimented.

“You’re welcome sugah-twan. Let’s try out that new attack we’ve practiced.” Bunnie said as she grabbed Antoine’s board, tossed him away, while Antoine performed a spinning attack with his sword and board, turning him into a tornado that cut all the machines to ribbons.

Fiona kicked all the goons that flew close to her. She pulled out her daggers, and cut the monsters to pieces. She picked up several severed pieces of the robots and used them to attack the other robots. She tossed a Turtloid shell and a Nebula propeller like projectiles, as using the severed abdomen of a Buzzer as a cannon to blast the others out of the sky.

Rotor relied on his missile launchers, as they were the easiest to use while on his hoverboard. After he ran out of missiles, a Buzzer flew closer towards him, but Rotor grabbed it by the throat, rammed a bomb in his torso and tossed him back at a group of flying enemies, the bomb exploding and taking down the whole group.

Muttski was on top of his hoverboard, and for an inexplicable reason he had a turtle costume. “Cowabunga!” Muttski shouted as he pulled out several weapons (don’t ask, it’s Muttski after all) like nunchucks, a sword, a bo staff and sais to slice and smash the enemies.

Tori and Nicole controlling the Freedom Fighter special just simply used their weapon systems to blast away the foes. When the last line of enemies was cleared, the Freedom Fighters returned to their ships and settled back in. “Did ya see me out there, I so blasted them into kingdom come!” Tori commented.

“All fine and dandy Tori, but we should wonder right now how Eggman’s robots ended up on Angel Island. How did Eggman find the island before we did?” Tails wondered.

“One way to find out, get to the island and force the truth out of him!” Sonic stated.

“We better be careful, he might have set some traps on this island.” Sally said suspiciously.

“No worries, we’ll deal with it as it comes.” Sonic assured her. They two planes approached the island and landed their planes. Tori and the FFS got themselves in camouflage mode as the Freedom Fighters prepared to explore the island.

“Okay everyone, we don’t know how Eggman got here, but he’s bound to have brought some nasty bots and traps along, so be careful!” Sonic warned the others as they headed further in the fern of the forest of the island.

However, they didn’t know they were being watched by someone. “More invaders? Those who trespass on my island pay the ultimate price.”

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