Lise, the mage of Knowledge Picture

Oh, wow...need to change the name of her. I decided to rename her 'Lise' and it means 'God is my Oath'

name: Lise
age: mid 30s to possibly to the 40's (could possibly be older beyond her years maybe thousands)
side: not good nor evil, is consider neterual but based on situation could join either side
gender: female
species: the mage of knowledge (looks to be a cat)
clothing style: most of her clothes consist of robes and coats, very long sleeve and not good moving threw woods or muddy swamps. She also has on her boots that reaches her hips and wears gloves that has rings on them with stones in say rings. She often is seen carried books and wears glasses. She also has piercings mostly on her ear, and bellybutton.

appearance: Lise looks to be an female cat but looks much older then rouge, she has black and white fur and bloody-reddish hairs on her head. The spikes on her hair feel rather 'hair-like' if you will.

abilities and weakness: - Lise has the ability of magic and using knowledge of sorts, her magic sometimes can lead her to strain herself and fall over from over usages.

- She can't run very fast she is alot slower then others, she is so slow that often she floats instead of walking with this much magic that if she does ever walk she often falls over from being tired, she could have asthma problems.

- she at times teleport from place to place just as long as she recognize the location otherwise she won't be of much assistants to the group.

- due to knowledge of magic she knows many spells including reviving but often there's a cost to it like taking away a limb, taking a certain emotion, or a certain the person cherishes

- she can control most of the elements but she is more use to the night element since it easier to control and it becomes more stronger when the moon is full due to this her weakest is day element that she could consider a vampire but really isn't one at all which she'll often stay inside.

- the rings she has on each finger powers up her magic but if she takes them off her magic will downgrade greatly.

- she can also send out magical creatures but only send out a certain few, most of the creatures are of Norse mythology especially Norwegian creatures.

personality: -Lise is often quite the show off when it comes to magic showing to all ages but often people will question her if there real or not and when they do she does show off this magic

- Lise is very prideful of her magic but a complete and total dork.

- she often bickers with anyone that doesn't believe in magic saying that it exist.

- she often is seen with a book in her face.

- she finds most males rather awkward but holds a bored look on her face thought deep down is freaked out and nervous.

- when around females she can be more calmer but often questions things since shes never been around them alot.

- around children thought she's very mature, and a bit of a storyteller and quite mother-like.

- Lise is very much likes the indoors more then the outdoors thus often staying inside.

back story: Lise's past was consider somewhat normal amount most standards, until at 10 she was walking threw a magical forest (which she had no idea of it but got curious about it) until a troll had cry for help even thought for his size Samantha decided to save him thus he decided that to prove his loyalty is to battle Samantha in a duel of sorts but they decided to a coin flip which it lead to a battle of knowledge which for Samantha was a thank heaven since that was her strong point after the battle Samantha had won thus causing the troll to join her side and she call him 'Thor'. After that she started to save more mystical creatures from mermaid, fairies, ghost, demons, and so on learning more spells and gaining new items like the rings on her fingers were the monsters that she save, even gaining her the title 'the mage of knowledge' but sadly her social skills made her gain less and less friends causing people to think she was going crazy which cause her of course to shut herself away in a library. To this day, you'll mostly see her in the library not really talking with anyone and will only talk to anyone if there was a reason.

Theme for Samantha:… (in her library at all or talking to anyone)… (battle theme)

Voice for her: N/A (would picture a voice be mature and wise, almost to be mother-like but brave and prideful)

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