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My New OC for JnD, I hope you like her~~
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Character's Full Name: Diana Lind
Meaning of Name: In mythology, Diana is the Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon. Diana literally means "The Shining like the light."
Date of birth: December 12th (♐)


Age: 15
Height: 1,66
Weight: ??
Race: Human/Elf ((I have no idea...)
Gender: Female (♀)


Favorites/Likes: Her Father, Bacon, Fluffy stuff, Candy, Scrafs, Wapons.
Most Hated/Dislikes: Baron Praxis, Her Mother, Kira, Erol, Dark eco, sadness, appel.
Fears: Spiders,
They're most at ease when:
Most ill at ease when:
Good Characteristics: Optimistic, carefree, free-thinkers, intelligent, curious, versatile, open minded, energetic, cheerful, straightforward, open.
Character Flaws: Extravagance, disorganized, rude sometimes, boastful.
Strengths: Can cook really well~
Weaknesses: Is very often quite rude...
Hobbies/Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Reading and stuff like that.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Sometimes she has really strange and violent thoughts.
Philosophy on Life: "No one really wants to be alone."
Attitude Towards Death: "When people die they do not deserve to go further in life."
Backstory (short): Diana Lind. The daughter of Alfred and Selina Lind, has lost their parents during an, attack on the city. Ximon has found Diana injured and has brought her to his father. Osmo has Diana Adopt why she actually lives with him but she spends much time with her aunt and help her. Ximo is like a big brother for her and her best friend, she tried to be a little like him~


Optimist or Pessimist: Both.
Do they play a musical instrument? Which? How did they learn?: She can play the Banjo.
Do they smoke?: no.
Do they drink?: no.


How do they react in a crisis?: Depends on the situation.
How they react to NEW problems: annoyed
How they react to change: displeased.


Mother: Selina Lind
Relationship with her: ??
Father: Alfred Lind
Relationship with him: ??
Siblings: 0
Relationship with each: ?
Children of Siblings: ??
Friends: Ximon
Enemies: Kira....
Extended Family: She has a aunt/ Ximon and Osmo


Occupation: Thief.
Place of Work: The streets
Work-related Skills: Skill, Speed, Good eye, Fast hands.
Past Occupations: ?
Pets: A Female Flut Flut.
Priorities: She only steal from rich people
Place/Type of Residence: Haven City (Slums)
Where do they want to live?: Aeropa or Spargus
Weapon and/or Fighting Style: She has a Scatter Gun but but mostly she steals their weapons or fight with her feeds.
Mode of Transportation: A Scooter.

Art and Character by Me
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