Refract bright like a diamond Picture

Deity: Narcissus; a beautiful man who fell in love with his own reflection
Name: Marcus Graham
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"

Much like his deity, Marcus is absolutely in love with himself. He, however, is a lot more conservative about this. He does admire his own reflection and thinks he's the absolute best, but he doesn't go around flaunting it like some deranged fool. He's overall quite apathetic and doesn't seem to care much for other people's problems or feelings, as he mostly just cares for himself. He does not often wish to strike up conversation, though when spoken to he can be quite snarky and kind of pompous. He is also extremely judgemental, and will stare you up and down if you're dressed bad.

He's quite conservative in a sense that he doesn't like to show skin. He also does not like direct physical contact with a person he is not familiar with. He's not a very people person, and likes things to go his way. If not, he gets really upset over it.

Let's just say Marcus is a bit of a narcissist. He's got so much self-confidence that it's almost hard to believe. He's an absolute perfectionist when it comes to his work, and will never take anything below perfect.

Diamond Touch: He can turn things he touches or holds into diamond. This does not apply to humans or any living thing - he's not Midas. He uses this power to weaponise things around him in times of danger. He also uses it to confuse foes with the refraction made by the diamond, aka making everything sparkle. You know what sucks, though? Getting distracted by very pretty diamonds, which is what Marcus does. Come on, who doesn't like diamonds? He can never get enough of them. They're so sparkly and beautiful, just like him. Thankfully, diamond doesn't reflect or else he'd get so distracted by himself too.

Also his diamond touch is temporary for anything that wasn't a precious metal/gem/jewel (so he could turn topaz into diamond and it would stay that way). Any other material turns back to its normal state after a day. The bigger the item is, the shorter its diamond life span. He could turn a car into diamond but it'd last like, 30 minutes at the most.

Diamond encrusted diamond sword, because he's gotta shine like a diamond. This ain't some shit he turned to diamond, no, this is actual diamond. He can fight with it, sure, but ew like he'd want blood on his designer clothes, right? So yeah he uses it to refract light, distract the enemy, and run away. He's really bad at the whole 'fighting' thing. Things he does instead of using the sword to fight: checking out the sword and how pretty it is.

Marcus was born to an Middle Upper Class family in Mt. Olympus. He grew up with an older sister and a single mother, and most of his young boyish life was spent being in love with video games and reading. He never really took part in very many sports, as he didn't like having to spend time with other people, and he also didn't like getting sweaty and sticky. The only sport his mother forced him to participate in was swimming, which he absolutely excelled in. He was considered top in his entire school in swimming, and he was sure as hell proud of himself.

As he grew older, he started taking a very large interest in how he looked, never wanting to go out without looking presentable. The only thing was that he was incredibly conservative, never wearing short sleeves out or anything that showed too much skin, but even then he was still trying his best to look fabulous. When he was 14, he decided that he wanted to be a fashion designer, and his mind was set from that point on. Even his mother couldn't change his plans. He took textiles as a subject and he worked harder than he had ever worked before. Marcus was considered one of the best young designers in Mt. Olympus, officially recognised by the judges of a youth's fashion design competition he had joined when he was 17. He went to university in fashion design, hoping to become a famous fashion designer one day.

One day when he was 18, he went on a short vacation with his family to go stay at a countryside for a week. He, being as snobbish as he was, didn't really like where they were staying. His mother said the fresh air might give him some ideas for his designs, but he just said that if he needed fresh air he'd buy an oxygen tank and a cannula. While on a walk in the great outdoors with his mother and sister, they stumbled upon a very quaint little lake. He felt a sense of fear building up inside him, which was strange since he quite enjoyed swimming. Yet, something drew him towards the river and he couldn't help but kneel down in front of it and look at the reflection of himself in that clear water. It wasn't all that clear, but hey he could still see himself. He reached over to the water and placed his hand on the surface. The water's surface didn't ripple, but instead became less reflective (he was very disappointed). It also became diamond. Marcus freaked out at first, wondering what the hell happened, and that's when memories of Narcissus and his past life resurfaced.

He remembered his past life rather clearly, though Marcus really didn't care for it too much. He was never really a guy who cared too much about anything. Of course his mother went on about how he was a 'Blessed Child' and he had to take it seriously, but he was like yeah right let me get my degree first excuse me. He got his degree in fashion design, and now still lives in Mt. Olympus, working as a designer and part time model, because seriously nobody can get enough of him. Not even Marcus himself, oops.

> He loves video games, and spends like the time he isn't modelling and making clothes just playing video games. His gamertag is Magnesiumbiscuits.
> He's got a tattoo of the first 100 numbers of pi circling around his upper arm bicep-y area.
> He wears eyeliner because who doesn't.
> If a stranger touches him you can be sure he's burning whatever jacket he was wearing or glove or whatever. Ew, gross, people germs. If you're a friend however, he's less likely to burn his clothing.

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