My DP World: The Blue Spirit Picture

Name: Narmada/The Blue Spirit

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Halfa

Family: I live with my mom and Kiki, my sister (changed name for safety), and my dad lives four hours away from me. My parents aren't divorced, he just found better work there and we liked it here too much. He does come home every other weekend, and sometimes we go to his place.

Friends: Vera, Emma, Rose, Alex, Dianne, Sydney (changed names for safety)

Powers: Invisibility, intangibility, flight, dark blue ectoplasm, sensitive to vibrations through the earth, and control of water. I can also boil and evaporate water quickly, which comes in handy quite a bit.

Likes: school, my friends, my family, Greek Mythology, books, my piano, singing, ice cream, candy, bread, science, being single, music before the 21st century, some music of the 21st century, blue, the ocean, sea creatures, warm weather, nature, food in general, math, writing, independence, logical thinking, animated movies, movies based on books/plays/some form of written thing, honesty, feminism, and this emote:
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