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Everything was burning...

All she could hear was screaming of fear, panic, and pain. The fire was spreading faster than she could manage. Many residents of the patch were already gone.

Some had left and some were exiled, dwindling the pack's number drastically.
And now the place was burning.

Luna rushed through the territory and dove into a den. She reemerged with a miniature wolf. Fire was coming closer. She boldly jumped over and rushed to the river, one of the ways that lead out of the territory, to the out lands.

The entire territory was surrounded by large rock walls.

She placed the small wolf onto a piece of drift wood and set it down the current. "Hold on!"

As soon as the child was out of sight, Luna looked around as the fire burned higher, engulfing everything it touched.

She found herself running to another exit, fear was on her face.

Her pack had died...

Her territory was dying.

And she couldn't do anything about it.

But as she neared the exit, several trees collapsed in her path. She looked back.
It was like the fire was chasing her.

She crouched, then jumped onto one of the burning trees, wincing as the fire burnt into her legs. She then jumped to a small ledge, then followed the routine until she reached the higher wall.

It was a sheer drop to the out lands.

She looked back.

She then jumped.
She woke up hours later. It was raining... She looked up to see thick smoke and steam leaking out of her old territory.

An overwhelming weight on pain and guilt rested on her shoulder.
She had failed...

As she struggled to her feet, she winced at the stinging pain. She looked down.

Her legs were burnt.

From the passing rain, her fur was soaked. She then struggled to move on, away from her desolated patch, away from the nightmare.

Her next goal was to find Slash, her younger 'adopted' sister... Or Apollo.

As she walked, the pain was too much.

She had failed...

That story explained the skin tone on her legs. If drawn, there would be no fur on her legs. They still hurt to walk, so she's limited to short distances before stopping.
Luna is the first pet Myste owned on an old website she used to be active on. She was the alpha of a pack that she forgot about. Luna was unconverted to being a gray wolf and holds a close bond to Slash.

She has a son from a male who shortly disappeared.

Apollo used to be known as baby Zeus.

There are more than one 'god wolf. Each representing a Greek Mythology god.


Luna belongs to ~myste971

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