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The Goddess of Light, Li-Mei (2003-2004). Her name is just about as original as Demon Queen Li-Wei, I know. /fail

She was the partner in crime/half-sister of Demoness Li-Wei and one of the main antagonists of the very first GH series. Li-Mei was the former goddess of light who then descended from Heaven when she found herself rebelling against the god King's ways. She was followed by hundreds and thousands of immortals and demi-gods who sought out her vision and ideals: to create a new world, free from prejudice and suffering by destroying the corrupted world they lived in. Li-Mei was also the adopted mother of Gyou Araki, Toki Amida's rival and somewhat enemy. Li-Mei truly believed in her vision. She was a compassionate sort, but could be ruthless and cold to those who she saw as standing in the way of her ideals or vision. Also, because of the fact that she was banished from heaven, she had a limited time to live. It was only through the creation of her new world that she would be restored to her immortal, fully powerful self. In fact, the only reason why Gyou agreed to work for Li-Wei was because she promised him that she would cure Li-Mei if he cooperated.

Goddess Lair Assassin, Rin Seguchi (2004-2005). Rin was supposed to be one of the best of the Goddess Lair assassins. She and her partner, Eiri Yukimura (who we'll get to in a bit) graduated ahead of Mika Seguchi and Nanami Mikami's batch. She wasn't really part of the major cast and was more of a supporting cast, who showed up when the main characters needed to be bailed out of trouble and such. Supposedly, in future installments, Rin became a headmistress of the Goddess Lair as the new Amaterasu. Rin was probably the closest to Houmei's current personality. Rin had a former partner who died in a mission and since then she refused to take on any new partners. However, Eiri somewhat became her partner, though it remained unsaid. Rin was supposedly so deadly and efficient that even veterans and high ranking students like Mika and Nanami felt terrified watching her go in for a kill.

Lady Wen-Chiao Amida (2005-2006). Up until this time, Wen-Chiao, Toki's mother, was just a minor flashback character. It was only when I made an arc explaining her life within one of the most prestigious and respected clans in all of Chouzen and what took place after she left it, did she start to have a character of her own. Wen-Chiao did not have the same gentle and frail nature as her next incarnation, however she did have Houmei's sternness and strength. She didn't really play a major part in the GH main canon, as she had already been dead by the time it was taking place. However, she became a crucial part of the story as she molded Toki's personality and history. She also showed up in a few flashback episodes, mini-arcs and her own series where she also interacts with Gyou's actual blood matriarch, Liu Xing Araki. Wen-Chiao supposedly died protecting Toki when Heretics and dark creatures pillaged and destroyed his hometown, Chouzen.

Goddess of the Celestials, Empress Rou Amida (2007-2010). She lost a bit of the bite she had during this incarnation. Rou was your typical moe, pure, sweet and ever compassionate goddess. She was mostly like a Belldandy clone except she was a nerd or something. Rou was the Celestial Mother as referenced here [link]. She became the Empress of Heaven who served under the Supreme Empress Dowager Goddess Vani (mentioned in the same creation myth as linked). Rou was supposed to be the complete opposite of Goddess Jia, the Queen of Heretics which made them bitter enemies. She didn't really have any children by blood at the time as she was supposed to remain a virgin or she would lose all her powers (idfk). Outside forces never paid that much attention to her, so not a lot was altered with her canonically. Kinda.

Goddess and Empress of Knowledge and Wisdom, Hou-Ki Bixia (also known as Houmei) (2010-Present). Same thing happened here. Rou soon became Houmei after I made Damselle Project and all the other installments under Prima Kyria. She is the goddess who presides over Scholarly/Academic Knowledge as well as Philosophical and Universal wisdom. Although Devika is the Queen Regeant, she also sometimes has to take up a leadership role to help her sister out (since Kyria as so many incarnations). Houmei prefers to be the backbone that helps keep groups together rather than being the leader itself. She also represents pure knowledge and uncorrupted wisdom. She is the epitome and embodiment of enlightenment. Houmei is the patient and sensible side of Goddess Kyria's personality, as it also comes with her domain.

Goddess Kwan Yin, is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion in Chinese mythology.
Houmei is my version of Kwan Yin in Journey to The Rest. She may also appear as Mazu, the Daoist goddess of the seas.

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