Chirom Picture

This is part of a series of customary designs I did in Ceramics class.

The assignment was to make vases out of clay, and so I did this.

What are these exactly?

Well, truth be told, these are fantasy cultures that I created myself out of my constant study in mythology and fantasy. They are based on the history of Europe and Asia before the hype of the Early Modern Period.

Might make good for the campaign, you know. Now these pictures I'm displaying are not fantastic kingdoms, but fantastic EMPIRES. I divided each one of these into 3 realms, each realm consisting of a fraction of Medieval, Asian, and Ancient European cultures, each realm being governed by a high king, while the Emperor rules his own capital city that composes of three references obviously.

Three realms are as follows:

Emperor: Vatican, Roma, and Forbidden City
Cruliao: Catholic Crusaders, Britanians, and Laio Dynasty, or East Asian Chinese
Teuson: Teutons, Roman Empire, and Song Dynasty, or Main part of China
Hoxia: Hungarian, Sarmatian, and Xia Dynasty or the Hymalayan part of China

This one's interesting. Despite being the dominant part of the campaign map, I hadn't seen one decent popular franchise that references any of this empire's source material.

Both the comic book hero, Thor, and The Lord of the Rings was a reference to the Norse.
Narnia is a reference to Greek mythology as I discussed before.
Drone it! Why do I keep on referencing Walt Disney and Warner Brothers? CURSE YOU SPLIT MONOPOLIES!
Egypt has it's own share of popularity, though, not a reference to either Walt Disney or Warner Brothers, but to a franchise by Universal Studios called The Mummy, which probably what granted Egyptology popularity in the first place. (I've seen the old black and white film this last Halloween with my dad. It is a legendary piece of promotion material. Trust me.)

But as for this empire? Well, it's already popular for starters! In fact, a bit TOO popular! The source material dominated their respective worlds! We're talking about both Ancient Roma and Medieval Catholic here, not to mention China as well! And yes, I call it Roma! That's what you get for being an Assassin's Creed fan.

About this empire: Well, I'd say it would be incredibly easy to submit to the will of its emperor, no kidding. It's a lot like Gremon, even ethics wise. But no matter how good this empire may seem, I heard terrible things happen when you don't do as you're told in that empire, like being crucified, submitted to water torture, or being burned at the stake! But, when Hebub arrives, Chirom is humbled and things gotten better ever since then. I picture the fashions of the empire include white and red clothing, often a bit clean around the edges and flashy gold statues on grey or white cement. These guys build awesome castles! Do not mess with them, and do not mess with their knights in shining armor!

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