The Griff and The Wyre Picture


The rav'ning Kite, whose traine doth well supplie
A Rudders place; the Falcon mounting high,
The Marline, Lanar, and the gentle - Tercell,
Th'Ospray, and Saker, with a nimble Sarcell
Follow the Phoenix, from the Clouds (almost)
At once discovering many an unknowne Coast:
In the swift Ranke of these fell Rovers, flies
The Indian Griffin with the glistring eyes,
Beake Eagle-like, backe sable, Sanguine brest,
White (Swan-like) wings, fierce tallents, alwaies prest
For bloody Battailes; for, with these he teares
Boares, Lyons, Horses, Tigres, Bulls, and Beares:
With these, our Grandames fruitfull panch he pulls,
Whence many an Ingot of pure Gold he culls,
To floore his proud nest, builded strong and steepe
On a high Rock better his thefts to keepe:
With these, he guards against an Armie bold,
The hollow Mines where first he findeth gold,
As wroath, that men upon his right should rove.
Or theevish hands usurp his Tresor-trove.
O! ever may'st thou fight so (valiant Foule)
For this dire bane of our seduced soule,
And (with thee) may the Dardane ants, so ward
The Gold committed to their carefull Guard,
That hence-forth hope-less, mans fraile mind may rest-her
From seeking that, which doth it's Maisters maister..."


"The Wyvern - a magical creature with a barbed serpent's tail, two legs, a dragonlike head, and wings of a bat. Rumored by common people to be a foul tempered beast, and extremely dangerous. According to old wizard lore, the creature is actually quite shy, intelligent, avoids humans, but quick to attack when cornered. Caution: Wyvern venom is highly toxic, but when used in certain potions with careful preparation, has a curative effect against many poisons." Though less powerful than a dragon, the wyvern more than makes up for it with astounding agility and speed. At a distance, you could mistake a Wyvern for a Dragon, but there is none of the nobility of spirit of Dragons in these debased and cruel creatures. It is this mean streak together with their sheer brute strength that attract Dark Elves and Orcs to them. In battle the Wyvern is a terrifying foe.
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