Shiro and Ayane Picture

Heh, I really should work on my debts....but I just started drawing, I really didn't think about it. I WAS going to color this and Shoko but my faber-castell is ruined...I'm never going to let my brother near my pencil box. EVER. Anyway I guess this means I won't have to draw a portrait of Ayane for her profile and I won't have to do a new one for Shiro. Shiro's hands are fail but I tried, anyway on with the profiles.

(the one on the left)

Name: Shiroko Miyamoto
Nickname: Shiro, Shiro-kun
Meaning of Name: Shiroko= "White + Child" Miyamoto= "shrine + base/origin"
Origin of Name: Japanese
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Blood type: AB
Nationality: Japanese?
Ethnicity: Japanese?
Race/Species: Arctic fox demon half breed
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual at first bisexual later in the story
Current Status (marital/dating): single (not for long~)
Socioeconomic level as a child: Middle class
Socioeconomic level as an adult: Middle class
Birth date: Some where between November 22th and December 21st
Birth place: Japan?
Current residence: somewhere in Japan?
Occupation: student
Title/Rank: She's the daughter of a fox queen so I guess that kinda makes her a princess? (gets worried about Mary-Sue trait)
Hobbies/Pastimes: Collecting anime figurines, reading Shonen Jump, secretly likes romance, participating in the school's cosplay club

Talents/Skills/Powers: she can draw chibi's and scenes of nature but can't draw humans, when she transforms into Solace (magical girl form) she can conjure spears of ice, she has a little shethed dagger that holds the other half of her soul that was made into another half when Asayo (big bad) stole the soul of her sorta past life, when she unshethes it and says her name the dagger becomes a sword called Solace it can also turn into a bow and arrow, she can also shape-shift but it's pretty hard to since she's half human

Important childhood event(s) that still affects her:

Crying when she sees other kids with mothers and thinks her mother must be dead, being picked on when she was young because she looked like a boy and cries easily. From then on she decided to act and dress like a boy so she wouldn't seem like such baby.

Family: Kaiyo Yukimura (mother)
Kikuo Miyamoto (father)
Yukihito Marufuji (cousin on mother's side)
Kotone Marufuji (aunt on mother's side)
Kiko Miyamoto (aunt on father's side)

Sun Sign: Sagittarius (who she really is)

Moon Sign: Pisces (how her emotions work)

Rising Sign: Sagittarius (how she comes across to people)

A reckless, blunt, fun-loving girl with a fragile heart. She likes crossdressing but doesn't like to call it crossdressing, she prefers the terms "crossplay" or "tomboy". One day a strange boy with spikey white hair and fox ears shakes her awake to congrat her on hitting demonic puberty, and basically tells her about her missing mother and the whole other side of her family that she never knew about. He is her cousin sent by her mother Kaiyo to help her cope with her new found (and very unstable) powers. The little tear drop jewel on her ribbon is enchanted to make her ears stay down so she can still go to school without drawing attention to herself.

(the one on the right)

Name: Ayane Akiyama
Nickname: N/A
Meaning of Name: Ayane= "colorful sound" Akiyama= "autumn + mountain"
Origin of Name: Japanese
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Blood type: O
Race/Species: witch, raven demon
Sexual Orientation: bisexual (bi-the way)
Current Status (marital/dating): single (again, not for long)
Socioeconomic level as a child: Upper class
Socioeconomic level as an adult: Middle class
Birth date: Somewhere between October 23rd and November 21st
Birth place: Japan?
Current residence: somewhere in Japan?
Occupation: student
Title/Rank: Her mother is a queen of a lesser kingdom so yeah....T___T;;; princess....
Hobbies/Pastimes: she reads romance novels (not proud of it), cosplay club (only in it to get closer to Shiro but secretly enjoys it), yaoi fangirl in the making, (also not proud o' this one), she also likes reading about history and mythology

Talents/Skills/Powers: She has black wings but she's a late bloomer so if she tried to summond them it'd hurt and they'd be tiny anyway so she flies with a broomstick, in her magical girl form she also has a sword called Agony that can transform into a bow and arrow, she specializes in plant magic

Important childhood event(s) that still affects her:

Seeing her mother go into a fit of rage when her father left her. She has a deep set loyalty to her mother and would do almost anything to make her happy.

Family: Asayo Akiyama (mother)
Hiro Minami (father)
Yuna Kuromori (cousin on mother's side)
Akira Kuromori (cousin on mother's side)
Tsugiyo Kuromori (aunt on mother's side)
Isamu Kuromori (uncle on mother's side)

Sun Sign: Scorpio (who she really is)

Moon Sign: Pisces (how her emotions work)

Rising Sign: Aquarius (how she comes across to people)

Ayane can come off as cold and eccentric but she's actually pretty sensitive and can be very charming. She, Yuna, Akira, and Yukari go to Shiro's school to get information out of her, her friends, and sabotage stuff. Ayane goes along with this and befriends Shiro, she doesn't really care about her and just maintains the friendship for her mother's happiness. Very slowly but surely Ayane and Shiro's friendship goes into romantic two girl frienship territory and she eventually developes actual feelings for her. Her ideals get thrown into chaos when she has to choose between her best friend and her mother. Failure is the most extreme indiginity to her.

Ayane's mother has had a one-sided rivaly with Shiro's mother since they were kids and in an attempt to, as Asayo says it, "show her who's her daddy" and make a perfect empire she tries to make a weapon of mass destruction and the main ingriendients are the souls of an arctic fox demon, a witch, and a dark jester. But it goes wrong somehow (I'll think of a reason later) and the souls are split in half and fly in different directions; each half reincarnating.

PS: The blood type personality stuff isn't really supposed to define the character, I took a page out of Lucky Star's book.
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