A Bet Over Mythology Picture

I began this one as just a regular drawing of a dragon, with intentions of it becoming nothing more and nothing less. Then, I decided that the drawing needed a background. My abnormal mind decided to create the sketch into a comic then. The dragon would gaurd a pot of gold! Of course, then I just HAD to make some travelers. All that was left was to give one of the venturing birds something silly to say. As you can see, I took care of that as well.
This is quite a rediculous comic that has several goofy features.
1) The two birds placed a bet over whether or not leprachans exist.
2) There winds up being a dragon at the end of the rainbow, not a leprachan.
4) One bird ridicules the other for expressing his opinion that leprachans gaurd the pots of gold at the ends of rainbows (Which is common mythical knowledge).
3) The two birds are so wrapped up in their "I told you so" ing and "Pay up, sucka" ing that they don't notice for a moment that the dragon is looking very hungry...

A quick comic, edited in Photoshop after being sketched. This took me no longer than an hour and a half, from start to finish.
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