Punaihomon Picture

Punaihiumon's Adult form, Punaihomon. I truthfully love how I drew this guy. It's the first humnaoid digimon I've drawn, ever.
Punaihomon is short, about 5'1", but don't let his size fool you. He can kick major ass. His is half-satyr, but instead of hooves, he has clawed feet just like his previous form. HE also keeps his high intellengence like Punaihiumon. He also starts to look more and more like the Set beast depicted in Egyptian Mythology, but only a little.
This digimon is kinda emotional, but his emotional states usually turn into raw power that is used to kill other digimon. Another classic example that not all digimon can be good.

Name: Punaihomon
Level: Adult
Type1: Demon Man
Type2: Virus
Name Means: Finnish- Punainen means red; iho means skin. Red skin is normally the color skin that demons have. In this particular skin tone, this represents all of the egyptian sins associated with Set.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers
-Kidutus Yksi(Torture One): Punaihomon enters the opponents mind and makes them relive every horrible thing they have ever done. This attack can scar people for life.
-Kidutus Kaksi(Torture Two): Punaiho spots out a weak spot and rapidly punches and kicks it until the opponent cannot bare to stand or move. If weak spot in in a lethal place, it can cause death.
-Kidutus Kolme(Torture Three): Punaihomon searches the opponents mind for an emotional ordeal that has happened in the past, and uses it against the opponent. Known to fail if opponent has a strong mind.
-Nuorentaa(Rejuvinate): Punaihomon heals using the opponents suffering.
Evoline: Duaamon-> Punliemon-> Punaihiumon-> Punaihomon-> Punaipahamon-> Punaioutiomon

Left Uncolored until I get a good inked picture.
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