Devil-Animus Hopping Vampire Picture

Inspired by Hydralisk, Graboids (Tremors), Brutes (Dead Space) and Hopping Corpse mythology.

Like Graboids, it can use it's tentacles with teeth to latch into prey, just to drink blood. Or they can burst through the ground with a leap. Idea of this was inspired from Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunter movie (I don't remember the name well), where the Vampire moved underground and used wire like extensions from it's hands. The Hydralisk like armor is because it needed flowing structure to quickly move underground.

"Hopping Vampires, the least mutating form of Devil-Animus, underground dwelling, only longing for blood and mostly loners, unlike Devil-Animus Devourers.
Using it's tentacles to grab it's prey from medium distances, the creature could hold the prey in one place if it's not disrupted or the tentacles being severed. If the prey is more hardy for being grabbed by tentacles, it resolves into bursting through the ground and attack personally. Should the vampire be succesfull at incapacitating the prey, but still disrupted in anyway, it will burrow with it's prey, intending to hide where it's enemies cannot reach.
Like all Devil-Animus, the Hopping Vampire cannot infect it's prey while it's alive or dead, making it a trade off when compared to Animus, which can infect the prey with it's bacteria, which lasts even if prey gets away, thou doesn't kill the victim.
Hopping Vampires do tend to rip it's victim apart when feeding..."

Discarded design for now, until I get a new idea for design and draw it.
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