Valkyrie Picture

I worked on this one while I had that miserable cold... I was gonna do a much bigger one, full body with combat scene background... but my attention span dropped pretty quickly due to the fatigue and lack of sleep. But all in all, I like the result. It was fun...and swirly... I may work on a better piece later on. I'm still getting used to even drawing with Photoshop... so...yeah.

No references for this one... just an idea for a story that's been festering in my mind for quite a few years... I'm not much of a writer, but I do like to draw. Maybe I'll find the nerve to write some day. Never liked writing... blah.

Outline? She's the guardian angel of a fella that joins the military. This all takes place in the future. He gets critically wounded in combat and she heals him. Healing him is against "the rules" because you're supposed to let nature take its course. The reason she saved him? They shared a past life together centuries ago. She remembers, but he doesn't. It gets into detail as to why it is so and why she's back now... the story revolves around the struggle to let the guy keep his life, and keep her soul from being condemned to hell for breaking a rule. It turns into a rekindled love story, yes... but I haven't quite gotten that far into it. That's all you're getting for now.
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