Natural Picture

I started this painting in class this last semester, although I spent more time drawing it than I did painting. I spent a long time on the details...more curious to see if I could remember perspective and the lessons I had four years ago when we were taught to draw roots (essentially very small branches).

I'm also a sucker for mythological entities, and having just finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia, I wanted to try one of the dryads C.S. Lewis describes so beautifully in Prince Caspian,
"...imagine that the wood, instead of being fixed to one place...[were] no longer trees but huge people; yet still like trees because their long arms waved like branches and their heads tossed and leaves fell round them in showers."

This was also my first attempt at watercolor. Apparently I didn't have the right canvas for it, because I had a hard time controlling it. Unfortunately, it left a lot of streaks that could have otherwise been smoothed--I've learned to make sure I only use special canvas or watercolor paper from now on! Aside from that, I am in love with this medium.
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