The dendrites wither and wane insane Picture

The dendrites wither and wane insane

All of my readings just recently on the subjects of neurology and psychology and sociology and anthropology and evolution and physics and so on and so forth, have led me to conclude that the present human condition of seeking blindly for answers through faith and belief in the diverse and multitude of global ideologies of much rhetoric and misinterpretations and confusions about who is right and who is wrong and whose god knows better, and which system or government is the best or whose charitable pet topic needs airing the most, are all sort of on the right track, but are still quite lost inside their own ego’s and primitive brain constructions of not yet being evolved enough to see enough and to understand enough about our own bodies and minds and planet in this space and time.

It is so apparent to me, so cold, so clear, so real, that intelligent conscience tries to grow the dendrites back upon the tree of knowledge inside the blood and bone of the human brain, that has been withering away for so many eons of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge.

It is a process of evolution, not revolution or constitution or systematic confusion or manipulated information that will save the human species from itself as it grows the dendrites on its amazing multi colored tree of the knowledge of good and evil that fires up the golden apple neurons that have been waiting to be nourished and watered and looked after with understanding and learning about, so that we can all sink our teeth into its everlasting holy grail of amazingness.

Everything that we have been and are and will be, therefore, in my opinion, depends upon finding that place upon the dendrite tree that will stimulate the growth of intelligent conscience in the human brain and grow the branches and connections and inspections that will bring all the disconnected ideologies and mythologies and psychologies together to be finally understood enough to be healed and helped.

Wow. Imagine that!
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