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Name: Darren Novak
Age: 22 years old
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
DOB: June 16th
Job: Chef - Day Job (Wants to be a cryptozoologist)


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Pale - Freckled

General Attire: Normally, Darren will be seen in a hoodie that is to large for him in order to make himself seem larger. As well as some jeans (normally skinny jeans). He always has a tee on, and all his tees have an odd graphic them. Maybe one day it will be a unicorn puking rainbows, or a fat dragon with tiny wings. Really, they are random. He is always wearing his glasses, due to being pretty blind without them (most he can see is fuzzy shapes). He rarely wears any other shoe then converse.

Appearance of human form: A young man standing roughly 5'11ft, Darren is actually fairly thin - lanky, even. He has freckles all over his face, and curly brown hair to match his hazel eyes. He is pale, probably mainly from being inside more often then not.
Appearance of Wolf Form: N/A - Human


Personality: He's very much a person who will only speak if he has a reason to, he doesn't like wasting his or other peoples time by making small talk - because of this he enjoys real, and honest people. He doesn't really care if someone else is rude to him, or he simply doesn't notice when they are. He tries not to beat around the bush, and gets straight to his point. Though he has been known to get flustered in some situations, and takes a longer, generally stutter filled, time to get to his point (but still he lets it be known, whatever it is). Despite his oddly strong skill in repelling people, and most social interactions, he enjoys the company of others. It's hard to earn his trust, but once it is placed in someone, he is extremely loyal to them, and that bond is very difficult to break with him (unless you for some reason give him a reason to not be trust in you, like keeping a huge secret from him that he would keep). And while he enjoys the company of others (in small doses), he is 100% ok with being alone with his thoughts.

Likes: Video games, mythology, fantasy things (be it games, movies, books, ect.)
Dislikes: Small talk (it's to awkward), Large bodies of water and what could be lurking in them

Weaknesses: Thalassophobic, somewhat socially awkward , can be clusmy.
Skills/Abilities: Is MLG, basic understanding of Free running (but he isn't very good at exercising it just yet.. but will always try), decent cooking skills (people in the shop he cooks for often ask for him specifically to cook for them, especially elders).


Family: Krista (Mother, Deceased - C.O.D: Unknown, 33 years old - When Died, Human), Conner (Father, Alive, 50 Years old - currently, Wulver), Several Half siblings who are all Wulvers, From his fathers (Names and ages tba). [Links to come]
Vespera: Awkward....friendship?


Darren is the product of what was meant to be a one night stand between a very drunken 18 year old Krista, and a 29 year old buzzed Conner.

He had recently divorced his wife, and won full custody of his two young wolf children (Fathering two constantly shifting pups would be hard enough to do alone...), and still being fairly young guy himself, he wanted to blow off some steam. The only way the young Wulver knew how to was to go to a local tavern, a small walk from the main village but still technically apart of it. So when he had a few beers, and a woman came to the pub with a red noes and puffy eyes, he couldn't help but offer her pretty face a drink. She seemed young, but if she entered the pub alone and was carded and still allowed to order chances were she was legal anyway. Though, he wasn't sure if that's where he necessarily wanted the night to go... Regardless, The two spoke for a while and he learned she had just broken up with her long term sweetheart (like, seriously. They'd been together since kindergarten or something crazy.) but what was soon crystal clear to him, was that she had drank more then what her body could allow her to have, and stay anywhere close to coherent. So he offered to help her home, as she said she lived in the village - which led him to believe she was Wulver (despite not smelling like one, not very many humans had lived in town at the time). She told him directions, the two laughing and swaying while leaning on each other. She led them in circles, and eventually he just offered to take her to his home. His children were with their grandparents for the night, as he was childproofing his other wise very manly home, so she would be able to sleep there and not be disturbed by children (or somehow harm them). Though, once they got to his home he pretty much blacked out.

Next morning he stirred, rolling to his side and spooned the naked body that lay beside him. He subconsciously thought it was his ex-wife that lay beside him, but then he truly woke up when she spoke, and her voice was far more sing songy - higher pitched even. He wasn't sure if he was proud of himself for getting such a lovely looking woman in his bed, or if he was ashamed for taking her when she was so emotionally broken to refuse. He made her breakfast, as he wouldn't simply allow her to leave with an empty feeling after what she told him the night before. During said time, they settled the fact that the night they had together was purely a one time thing triggered by their broken states, but agreed to keep in touch having a lot in common. She wanted kids, he had two and was happy to have more. She wanted to have fun with her soul mate; explore everything together, he was always an adventurous romantic. They settled that they'd get to know each other before anything more went on between them, and so they did.

He kept her from his kids for a while, not wanting them to be introduced to his possible new love interest so soon after seeing their mother leave them. But one day was defining to the young pair. She had been feeling ill, and she noticed a lot of bloating... her mind finally went to the fact she could be pregnant, and so she went to be tested. She got the results, and rushed them to Conner. She'd been with no one else - and the reason she broke up with her long term boyfriend in the first place was because she didn't want to have sex with someone who she found out was cheating on her because she took to long to agree to spending a night together... never the less she literally ran to Conner. She showed him the results, they were having a child. Conner was torn. He loved pups, but he also had a lot on his plate as it was... He'd have to be in a relationship with her now, right? That's how his ex roped him into marriage before... But that's when the secret truly got out about him.

"What will you do with the pup?" He'd ask. "...Pup?..." She would test the word, trying to make sense of it's usage in the subject at hand. "Wait, you're not a wulver... are you?" She'd question and back away in an almost fearful mannerism. She had family who she lived with who were wulvers, but she wasn't sure she could handle having a child who had the capability to become a wolf at anytime... She personally didn't know how to, and she didn't think she'd want to ask how to... plus, more and more humans had been moving to the village - not to many yet, but it was clear more were finding this almost secret village. But as they spoke about it, it turned into an argument. He said she was to young to have a child, much less one that could be a separate sub species from her. She didn't have the ability to go to the wulver nursery, she wouldn't be allowed. He said, she should either get an abortion, or when the time came he'd take their pup and she could live out the rest of her young life without the hassle. She said she was going to have the baby, and whatever happened, happened. He could stay in their life, or get out and leave them alone. Conner wasn't going to allow his pup to be taken from him, born or not it was his.

Time passed, and while Conner and Krista spoke a lot less then before, when they spoke about their unborn child/pup, they were passionate. Conner was eventually on board with keeping it, and Krista was actually looking forward to having a baby. Finally she had him, very human Darren. He was named after Conner's great grandfather - a powerful wulver warrior, but when he finally met his newborn child, he wasn't as happy that it wasn't Wulver. He'd care for him, but certainly not love him like his previous two Wulver children. His ego was hurt that he had produced non-Wulver with a human. He hoped desperately that Darren would of been a Wulver, and that Krista would simply give their son to him, so he could rid of the human all together. But now he had another human in his life. Conner visited his son and Krista every day, he had played with his son, went through all the motions a good dad should, but they were his side family. The burden he brought upon himself because of a stupid decision he made while under the influence. He'd give Krista money every week to care for their son with, and Darren affection every day for at least an hour. Then he went back to his real life as a Wulver guard, and with his two wulver children.

Eventually, By the time Darren was a toddler, Krista had enough of Conner and many wulvers. Most of all the village she had moved to, to live with her Wulver Aunt. Conner visited less, as he had found a new woman who he already had a new child with, and spent way less time with his human son. Krista didn't mind that the money he provided them was coming later, and later each week. She was enraged that her son's father rarely spared him a second glance, and for what? The fact he lack the active Wulver gene? He still had it! He was no different then his other children! How dare he ignore her son? So, she mad a rash decision. She moved herself and her son to the City of Glasgow. She raised her son as a normal human, never telling him of the fact he carried a wulver gene, or that his father was a real life werewolf. Oh no, she avoided the topic of werewolves all together. But she didn't want to take away the fantasies and mysteries of life away from her son. So she'd read him fables, teach him of mythology. He seemed to enjoy it, loved it almost to much even.

As a child, he fit the classic 'nerd/geek' stereotype and was often bullied for it. He learned to ignore his bullies, and peruse what he loved - fantasies. He loved the thought that, like his mother had always said; "Just because you cannot see it, doesn't mean it isn't real."
As time went on, he was still bullied and would still ignore them. As he and his bullies got older, they'd be more physically aggressive. Punching his arm, pretending to be friendly when in reality they'd punch with all their might. Or when no teachers were around, they'd simply slam him into things, or steal his glasses and break them so he was blind for the day. Still he ignored them, he wouldn't give them the satisfaction of knowing they hurt him, or frustrated him. They'd say it was because he was cowardly, and couldn't stand up for himself. Really, while it may have come off in such a way, he just truly just didn't want to speak to them and waste his breath. Besides, he could take it. Despite him seeming very physically weak, he could take a punch or two and walk it off no problem. He had more to worry about then just himself...

His mother, Krista was acting strange lately. She hid herself in her room when she was home, and Darren didn't see her much. It concerned him as they were very close. He instantly pegged her boyfriend, who was very abusive to not only Darren, but also to Krista. He'd punch Darren every now and then, but he'd beat Krista relentlessly. It wasn't long before he got a call from school. His mother had collapsed at work, and was in intese care at the hospital. He had no one to drive him, and he was to young to drive himself. Somehow his bullies had heard of the news. That day no one was mean to the 'nerd'. In fact, the ones who tormented him offered him a ride to the hospital being they could drive. He wasn't sure if he should accept, but he needed to see his mother. So he was given a ride to the hospital. By the time he was there, his mother was to far gone in whatever was happening to her. She had died a minute before Darren got to her, doctors and nurses filled her room now. Darren pushed his way past security, and the Doctors. He looked down at his mother and froze. Blood had been dripping from her mouth, implying internal bleeding. Darren couldn't help but blame her boyfriend. The night before his mother had complained her sides hurt, and she was sure her boyfriend broke her ribs.. she just didn't realize a fragment of bone was working it's way through her lungs, very slowly, but eventually it punctured through. Doctors said it was just to late to save her, but she said to tell her son that she loved him very much, and that she was sorry for being a fool.

Darren was only 15 at the time, so he was moved to live with his father, and five half siblings and step mother. When he arrived, he looked at his father for the first time in person. They didn't speak, just stare at one another. Taking in the appearance of the one they should have known. Conner's wife, Darren's now step mother took Darren to his room. Luckily the large family lived in a home with many rooms. Darren could see she was pregnant, and it caused him to look at Conner in a sour way. He had so many kids, yet he never wanted him? Why, because his other kids were like super models, whereas he was the geek? Could that really be the reason? It took him a long time, almost a full year to really start to open up to his family, or well.. open up the best he could. He never spoke up, only spoke he spoken to, but not he acknowledged his family. He was closest with his oldest sister for a while before she gave birth to his nephew. She'd take Darren out to a cafe, and try to talk to him. He never ignored her, and always responded. But still he was seemed shy to her. She'd talk about her baby with Darren, and that seemed to lighten his mood. He liked kids, and was exited to meet his nephew. He said he'd bring her flower when she had him, but she'd always say "we'll see."

So when she had Darren's nephew, she basically disappeared from his life for a while. She called him and such always pushing him to talk to their father, and get to know some of their other siblings more. He always asked when he could see her, which she'd respond with; "Doctors say he is sick.. I need to stay with him, and no one can see him yet. I'm sorry." That hurt him, all his other siblings claim they met their nephew, yet he couldn't? Did this family truly hate him? But with time he made friends with his younger siblings, being the twins were only a year younger. They all got along quickly, sharing a love for the supernatural (oh, if only Darren knew..) and gaming. Time went on, Darren's youngest sister was born not long after their nephew. His step mother was touchy when he said he'd like to meet his sister, but he spent time with his nephew to make up for meeting his sister right away who was apparently sick at birth as well, but was very happy to meet him. His sister would rush her son away at random times, claiming he was getting sick. Darren always offered to help, but was always declined.

Eventually Conner decided to man up (albeit a year or two later), and speak to Darren. He took his second born son to his 'den'. It was an underground bunker type thing, you needed to walk to a shed in the back yard, near the woods behind their large home (which Darren learned was in the family for many generations, in fact no one can recall when it was first built meaning it was around when their ancestors found this land with a few other families,) to get to it. Darren would questioningly look to his father when he stopped at the run down thing, then followed him inside. They entered the old shed, and Darren looked around. It was plain, a workbench and some tools... he didn't understand what was so great about 'The Den', but then Conner kneel on the dirt floor. He gripped something, and pulled up what was quickly known to be a trap door. He motioned silently for his son to climb down, and Darren complied. Once was off the ladder, he was met with the stone hall. Some paintings of very regal people were on the walls, next to them were very medieval looking torches. Once Darren adjusted his glasses to make sure he was seeing this correctly, his father stood beside him. He led his son down the hall, mumbling about how he was breaking rules by taking Darren here. Darren didn't understand what that meant, and still doesn't. But he followed Conner, and as they descended down the spiral, stone stairs. Once they reached the bottom Darren was met with a large, circular - cave like room. In the center burned a fire pit, with benches sat around it. On them looked to be hides of animal fur, probably bears and deer. Around the room were expensive looking fabrics, smaller rooms with larges books and even some scrolls. Darren, to say the least, was in heaven. This was like something out of a fairy tale, he looked to the back wall, however. It had large curtain like fabric framing a wall of paw prints. He'd look to his father with a curious glance, then walked to the wall. His father watched on, looking extremely nervous and like he simply couldn't find the words to say. As Darren touched the wall, he opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Conner. "It's uh, it's been here since medieval times... My grandfather, he used to say this place was only for the greatest warriors of the village... and uh.. Al-Leaders, Kings." He couldn't do it. He couldn't tell his son about his heritage, it was selfish of him but he wasn't ready... and it was already such a large taboo to let any human know about Wulvers... Families were often split because of it.

With little else to say, the two would sit in the den on opposite benches. Watching the fire as it cracked and flicked. Darren rarely met his fathers stare, but knew he was watching, intensely. He stood and walked off to one of the side rooms, and came back with something in a what seemed to be tankard. Conner smirked and told him to drink it, and Darren did as he was told. He coughed, and gagged after swallowing his small gulp of the liquid. Conner easily downed the whole thing, and simply chuckled. He offered to take him back to the house after an hour or so, and when they returned, Darren looked at his father with a knew found respect. He had taken him somewhere none of his siblings were allowed to go, or have ever seen (minus Darren's older, wulver guard brother, but Darren didn't need to know that, and his brother played along with pretending not to have been to it.) Conner told Darren he was allowed to go to the den when he was really stressed or simply couldn't be around others, but couldn't let anyone outside the family know about his going to it. He also told him not to go when it was night without letting his father know first (as this was when the Alpha would normally call for a meeting in the ancient Den).

A few years later and Darren became a local chef. He really wanted to be a Cryptozoologist, Hunt and study 'monsters'... but his family always tried to dissuade him. So for now, to please them, he moved to a home nearby - claiming as much as he loved them, he needed space. He's been tasked with watching his youngest sister, now that her mother - his step mother has died unexpectedly, but otherwise his life has been good. (This part will be added to once sister is created.)
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