Khepri Bookmark Picture

It's been a long time since I last made one T3T
Khepri makes me laaaaugh XD Because his design comes from a dream I made while I was on the bus, in Greece. XDDD
I dreamt that he was a fighter in one of those places where people fight inside a cage o,o and no one could beat him 'cause his power was to harden its skin XD (my subconscious thought it was the appropriate skill for a scarab. yeah.)
I'm crazy XD

Some infos:
In Egyptian mythology, Khepri (also spelt Khepera, Kheper, Chepri, Khepra) is the name of a major god. Khepri is associated with the dung beetle (kheper), whose behavior of maintaining spherical balls of dung represents the forces which move the sun. Khepri gradually came to be considered as an embodiment of the sun itself, and therefore was a solar deity.[...]

Ok..Era da tanto che nn ne facevo D:
Khepri mi fa imbizzarrire XD Perché io nn l'ho disegnato, l'ho sognato xDD (Chiedete ad Achy vçv) Quando ero in pullman in Grecia, ho sognato che faceva le lotte clandestine per guadagnare qualche centesimo in uno di quei posti dove la gente si pesta dentro a una gabbia, e nessuno lo poteva battere perché induriva la pelle per farne una corazza o,o (Il mio subconscio ha pensato che fosse un potere adatto a uno scarabeo 8D).
Il pelaaaaaaatooo 8DDD *muore*
E adesso pagatemi perché ho tradotto in italiano. *fugge*

Brushes(c) I don't remember *argh
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