The Battle of Palmyra Picture

Goes along with Boreas, the Ice Dragon of Palmyra
Boreas, the dragon who lives in the mythical town of Palmyra, who is responsible or all of the ice that shrouds the land. Boreas ruled over the unicorns of the Frozen North, forcing his slaves to work sustain and satisfy his greed. Eventually, the unicorns rose up in revolt. With the help of the other elemental dragons: Psyche, Wind, and Lightning, he was defeated, incased in a granite imprisonment. The unicorns had hoped that with Boreas gone, the land would thaw, returning it to it's grassland state. But, to their dismay, this did not happen. This resulted in the mythology that Boreas' spirit still roams the Frozen North, particularly in the nation of Glacies, in the many forests, and that he still controls the weather in the region.
On the case of his stone form, in the castle Palmyra, it is said that two thousand years will pass after his imprisonment, then the granite will crack, and Boreas will fly once more. That is, if the Ice Crystal is in it's receptor in the stone.
Although the location of the Ice Crystal is known, and is in fact the main adornment atop the Glacien King's crown, the location of Palmyra is not yet known. Some are skeptical of it's existence in the first place, that it was just a story created by bards and passed from generation to generation.
The ponies of Glacies will get their answer soon enough, as the two thousandth anniversary of his imprisonment approaches fast.
Okay, I realize it's probably terrible. Deal with it. I used all of my patience working on Boreas himself, so I just wanted to get the rest done quickly, which is why it's in such poor quality. But, I still hope you like it.
Again this has to do with my story Broken Feathers: Frozen North.

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