My Influence Map Picture

This is my influence map, you can found the empty original template here [link]

All the relevant text for this meme is in the picture! [Below the grid.]

Do this and show others what influences you!
Hell, you might even discover some things about yourself doing this!

The grid can ultimately be filled out however you want it to be. The recommended sizes of the images are shown below the grid -- make your biggest influence take up 3x3 squares! Lesser ones to follow.
Also, editing the file, changing colors, sizes, fonts, whatever, have at it! Make it yours!

These things are my great influences in my Art

1. Rococo, Costume Dramas, Androginy (The pics is from the movie "Orlando" by Sally Potter with Tilda Swinton!)

2. 80's music, fashion and cartoon (in the pics is portraited Jem, from my favourite childhood cartoon "Jem and the Holograms)

3. Ancient Egypt, mythology, religion, hybrid figures (symbolized by the Egythpian god Thoth)

4. Lewis Carroll, as photographer and wrighter

5. Video Girl Ai

6. Harry Potter

7. Aubrey Beardsley

8. The 1986 movie "Labyrinth" by Jim Henson

9. Gvandiva-Club (my great inspiration), a club of artistic and creative people I founded with my brother and my cousin.

10. Mana Sama, leader of the 90's japanese rock band "Malice Mizer", pioneer of the visual kei and gothic and lolita fashion style.

11. The 1927 movie "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang

12. The 1940 surrealist painting "The Robing of the Bride" by Max Ernst

13. Chris Martin, leader of english rock band "Coldplay"

14. Cinderella, Disney movies, and fairy tales

15. "Frozen" the best song (and videoclip) by the queen of pop Madonna

16. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

17. Ertè and 20's fashion

18. Sailor Moon

19. The "beautiful" Sir Jean Claude, the protagonist of the italian comic tv show "Sensualità a Corte" that takes place in an absurd and anacronystic 18th century.

20. Veronese Green (in the the background) and for extension the rinascimental italian painter Paolo Veronese
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