Avengers Neo- Hestia Picture

This is a picture of a character from my Marvel/Power Rangers/TMNT fanfiction story world.
Decided to finish off some pictures of the Greek gods in my Marvel inspired Olympian pantheon.
This is Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth and home in ancient Greek mythology, known to the Romans as Vesta. She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and the sister of Zeus, Hera, Pluto, Neptune and Demeter. While Hestia was the first born of Rhea's children, she was the last to be spit up by Cronus, thus she is considered by some to be the youngest of Cronus' children. The most peaceful of Goddesses, she had no ambitions, rivalries or quarrels with mortals. Ancient Greeks would often worship her at home, and it is said a portion of every sacrifice to other gods also went to Hestia. She held a seat as one of the Twelve Olympians, but when Dionysus, the youngest of the gods, rose to prominence, she gave her seat to him and took a position directly tending the hearth of Olympus.
When worship of the Roman Gods faltered, Hestia retreated like the other Olympians, awakening only when the Corona Aurora was completed. Hestia returned to life on Olympus, once more tending the Hearth of Olympus, but found she no longer had any mortal sacrifices to stoke the fires with. when Zeus fell fighting the Elder God Set, his wife Hera took over rule of Olympus, and restored Hestia to a seat as one of the Twelve Olympians, but also kicked out five other gods, adding her own personal choices onto the council. For once in her life, Hestia began to take sides, unhappy with Hera's new rule, she helped Hercules overthrow Hera and cast her out of Olympus, and place Athena as the new head of the Olympians.
Hestia possesses all the standard powers of an Olympian, being immortal and physically very strong. As a Goddess of the Hearth, she is also able to control and resist fire, thought she represents its warm and benifical asspects rather then its destructive properties.
I drew her here in both a revealing outfit and more modest dress.
I made this picture from Dolls I found here www.angelfire.com/on3/lilyshan… by the artist Lilly and it is used with permission.
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