Pharaoh Pin, Double P Picture

A simple name for a simple character, starting up my Eco Saga Series little by little. All starts with the name Eco which also means same as pure (which I didn't know at first...which is awesome).

Heres the series hopefully I'm working on (Most Characters I draw are for these series) They all take place in the same world. Just each has it's own different view to one Story of ECOs. Note...these aren't

-Eco Dream Origin
-Eco Mythology
-Eco Bio Sonata
-Eco Years End
-Eco Project Desperate Hour
-Eco Awakening
-Eco Blood Sin
-Eco Rising Heros
-Eco Master Mind
-Eco Stage Set
-Eco Faithful BreakThrough
-Eco Moonlight Knights
-Eco Calling all Veterans
-Eco Foreign Memories
-Eco Uber Silhouette
-Eco Lost Affect
-Eco Distant Road
-Eco Waves and Sky
-Eco 100 Fore Lord Tales
-Eco Side of Philosophy
-Eco Chibi
-Eco Pacing Shard
-Eco Operation Assault

yes thats a lot of ecos, these are just stories I've thought throughout my life that's also based off of my life :3 lol...hmmm does anyone else think some of the titles are a bit corny?...or is it just me lol

About this character is that he resides in the desert region of Detsur. One of the races there are penguin like creatures known as Pingins. They live as Tribes watched over by one of the three pharaohs. Pin is of the Terra Tribe. His the most unconfident and pretender out of the three but, virtuous at heart. His suppose to be cute...every story most have a cute character, heres mine lmao XD
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