Alchemy Picture

A relation to Alchemy's Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo.

Nigredo is the top bubble, the purest and darkest blacks and the decomposition of all. It is a process reffered to as "cooking" in mythology. Red was put in for a sense of evermore destruction and for blood. The color red has become one to represent evil when combined with black in our modern society.

Albedo is the leftest bubble, the whiteness which arises in the black of Nigredo. Said to bring forth life and to give eternal youth. I put in blue due to its representation to angelicness and life in our society.

Rubedo is the rightest bubble, hard to explain but basically the continuation of Albedo. They are said to be linked indefinitely. Rubedo is said to be the purest form of everything, to be able to penetrate our unconsciousness. And thus a touch of all three colors (black only slightly) in Rubedo's representation.

The sphere represents the soul in which this is all taking place in; while the background represents life's rough patches and death itself. The light from the orb can be taken in from many different views, but I find it more the light that arises from the soul after overcoming the three phases, which is why I put it behind.
Pshfft, my second last art project of this year. Line weights, textures, and flows were to be represented here. I've learnt a lot even though I hate this course. I think I'll miss it when I'm done...

And for those of you who know me, no, this did not totally come from my obsession with Nigredo >.> *runs away like a madman who just lied*
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