Birth of a Monster Picture

...and forever damned his kin to the shadows.

Part of the Itineris mythology; the birth of their rough version of the kumiho ([link]).

"After Staram defeated the Wyrm and dismembered his corpse, throwing it to all four corners of the world, bleeding parts of the cosmic serpent's body were still hidden away in caves or other such places, tainting the areas and making it so that nothing would grow there, or demons and humans alike would be unable to settle.

One day, an old fox, starving and dying of thirst, happened upon one of these cursed places. He had been driven from the settler's homes and rejected from every doorway, given no scraps or mercy from demons and humans alike. As the old fox miserably wandered off, in last attempt to search for food or to find a place to die, he tripped over a lose rock, and was sent tumbling into a cave.

At first scared and wheezing with thirst, believing fate had chosen the cave as his place to die, the fox did nothing, huddled in a corner in the dark place. But as his eyes adjusted, senses returning, he smelled the faint hint of water. Desperate to survive, and eagerly hurrying over the bumpy rocks to the apparent water's edge, the fox stopped in front of the river, licking his lips and preparing to sate his thirst.

To the old fox's horror, when he reached the banks of what he believed was water and dipped his paws in, he realized it was a vast river of blood. The aroma of decay and fathomless evil filled his dulled nose, the whispers of atrocities past worming into his aged ears.

Yet with the will to survive, and ignoring the signs about him, the old fox threw away any of his inhibitions, hungrily drinking from the stream of blood to save himself. He entered a promise with the dead Wyrm, taking substance from his flesh to feed himself... no matter the cost that would follow for himself or the world.

Three days later, the monster that crawled out of the cave was no longer an old fox."
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