The Thing of Many Arms Picture

I actually dreamed this thing twice. I first labelled it a demon though now a few years later after retrospecting on it, I dont think it was of a malicious alignment at all. In my dreams it seemed rather chaotic until it found its place within me and then it was rather meditative and dormant. The sound it makes is the only way that it can express itself aside from the movement of its arms seeing as to the fact that it does not have its own face. Its just a long long tubule thing with lots and lots of arms coming from all around it at every angle. Each hand was big enough to hold a car or truck. Huge.

Its sound however is a wonderful sound. A combination of every sound that relaxes and sets you at ease. In its sound I heard large bells, like churche bells, The gentle chant of monks, the sound of ocean waves or maybe wind brushing through trees, the lithe tink of smaller bells or wind chimes and an odd comforting underwater sort of sound. All of this combined in a strange symphony that makes you want to drift into a dark and endless rest. That is what this thing expressed to me in both the dreams I had with it. Very strange indeed.

I have been trying to find out what it is though, and cannot find anything exactly like it in any theology, mythology, monster databases, movies, books, or ancient artworks.
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