Willheimus the Firelord Picture

The Lord of Fire, Willheimus of Unstrangholm. Willheimus is fire made flesh, and fire is power. This is the form he took in Of Willheimus, and Laterose, my fic about my character resurrecting Rose. this is also what he looks like for all the stories that take place after Of Willheimus, and Laterose. So this guy is pretty much the most powerful fire being in the world, mythology influence slightly by Surtr, Aries, Hephaestus, Hades, Sauron, Morgoth and his Balrogs, and of course, myself. He is supposed to look just like me in body except thinner and more muscles, charcoal black skin with lava veins, similar to the magmar from Legacy of the Dragons, even though I don't play, I just thought they were cool. He has brown hair like me, only burning slightly and dripping with lava. His eyes are blue with flame behind them, but orange yellow and red like fire when angered or using his vast fire magic. He wields Valermos, the sword of fire, he claimed it from its previous owner (no idea where or when, a lot of people use this sword, so it could be in the future where he claimed it. Wibbly wobbly timey whimey) He is the face behind Zego in my Zego the Scar fanfic (unfinished). So he is basically a representation of me, the author, only playing on how to the fictional world, authors and dreamers are sort of like gods, but not exactly. His character has an interesting relationship with Brian Jacques's character, Laterose. He falls in love with her because I did when I was watching the TV series as a kid. She still has a special place in my heart. He punishes Badrang because of my anger and childhood daydreams when I first saw her die. His history is my imaginary history which is influenced by my everyday interaction with the real world. He is a dreamer and a meddler, he often dabbles in the affairs of other realitans, like we do fanfiction. I still don't own Rose, but my character owns her heart, dream what you will, but in my story there will always be something wibbly wobbly. If you want to do a picture featuring him, contact me first. If you want to use him in a story, tell me a bit about how you plan to use him first. If any of you girls happen to get a crush on him, you can talk to the real Willheimus (me) and see what he says
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