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Name: Spyros Zabat (He hates this name)

Monster type/species: The species is named after the most famous of their kind, the legendary Hydra who Heracles fought and killed for his 2nd labor. The most distinguishing trait about them is that they have multiple heads and when one is cut off two more will quickly grow back. They are related to Sea Serpents though Hydras will traverse land and water though they spend most of their time in the water, using it to ambush unsuspecting prey.

Grade: Freshman.

Glamor item: Bastet Amulet

Favorite class: History

Worst class: Potions

Current Classes:

Passed Classes:

Current Points:.

Natural weapons: Teeth, jaws, poison breath

Trained weapons: None

Weakness: Fire is especially deadly when used to cauterize the neck before the heads can regrow from it. He is also rather frightened by it.
Due to Hydras being a reptilian creature they would naturally dislike the cold. Cold spells can severely harm him and if he stays in cold conditions for an extended time he could be killed.
In monster form due to every extra head having a separate brain if they see something that looks particularly tasty or interesting they can distract him or override his better judgement and can make focusing on a specific task hard.
Acid and other Caustic agents can also be used to cauterize head wounds to prevent extra heads from growing back if chopped off but is much more effective at it then fire.
Hydras are creatures that spend most of their time in water so on land he is much less mobile than if he was in the water


Major Skills:
Corrosive Breath: In monster form he can spew out clouds of corrosive gas which can eat through softer materials and burn unprotected skins, for harder materials such as metals and rock it simply weakens them He can keep it up for about 20-30 seconds if he REALLY tries. In human form this just causes the occasional day of uncurable bad breath.
Poisonous Blood: As a Hydra his blood is poisonous though only if ingested or it gets into an open wound.
Rapid Regeneration: As a Hydra his wounds will regenerate 2 times faster than a humans though this tires him out and makes him extremely hungry.

Minor Skills:
Aquatic Adept: In monster form he can swim rather well and hold his breath for 15-20 minutes. He can NOT ‘breath’ water and does not swim as well as fully aquatic creature (like a shark or water dragon).
Heightened Senses: While by no means super senses his senses in monster form his sight and smell surpass those of a humans though this just helps him get even more distracted in monster form.
Above Average Strength: While not as strong as the other monsters in monster form he can easily rip a man apart (not that he would want to). Most of his strength is centered in his jaws, neck, and tail.

Personality: Caring
Humble (most of the times, when he gets a good grade on a hard project or in a class he will dance and start to sing happily)
Trusting (sometimes a little to much)
Submissive (However he will stand up for himself when needed)

James is in general a kind person and rather dislikes confrontation. When first meeting someone he is rather shy though once he warms up to the person he loses it.
He is an avid reader and loves to learn but he would rather do so from behind a book or computer than learn about it on the field.
He cannot stand bad grades and if he receives one it can drive him to the point of tears and leave him with a bit of a wounded pride (He prides himself on his good grades).
If he messes up something he will usually laugh at himself (Dropping an egg during cooking class, going the completely wrong way when given directions, etc) unless it is serious or extremely embarrassing.
Has nightmares about the fact that he ate someone (Even though the guy was trying to mug him by gunpoint).

Character's Background: James parents moved to Florida long before he was born, in the 1980’s to be exact, as it was the perfect place for Hydras to live with the warm water and swamps and they thought it would be the perfect place to raise a child so thy flew from Greece, using a Potion that disguised themselves as humans as to not raise alarm, and they soon bought a house out in the marsh were they could show their true forms without having a bunch of neighbors to freak out.
They lived happily and almost two decades later James was to be born soon. The parents however were slightly worried how growing up and going to school with humans knowing he was different would affect their child as they did have to abide by the State Laws and they did want him to have friends and to live a happy life so they took an oath that they would not tell their child what he really was, give him a normal name, and give him the potion everyday saying it was medication, and that they would also take it every day as well as long as he knew nothing about being a Hydra (The potion lasts 48 hours with the first 24 being complete suppression and the last 24 being that the taker could revert back to their original form if they felt strong fear or strong anger).
The ruse worked very well with James going to school with human children and growing up as a human child. However deceptions can only last so long and people with the best memories will forget.
One day James parents forgot to make sure he drank his glass of the potion before they left for work. James, hating the taste of the stuff, decided that there would be no harm done not drinking the ‘medication’ for one day dumped it out in the sink and headed for school, with the dulled effects of yesterday’s potion all that was keeping him human.
Luckily the school day went by smoothly (Though he suffered a curious case of bad breath) but his luck would not hold as after the bus dropped him off as far as it would take him (that would be one long drive through the swamp) and soon after the bus had left a car pulled up behind him and soon he found himself looking straight into the barrel of the pistol with the man behind it telling him to give him all of his valuables.
To the horror of both James shifted to his true form and in an act of pure instinct tore the man apart and ate him. Heading back to his house in a state of pure shock his parents quickly gave him the potion and thus began to tell him the truth about what he really was.
When they received a strange latter telling them that James had been invited to go to an academy for monsters, his parents were ecstatic and sent him up there (but not before a day of good old family time) and while he was definitely nervous about going to an academy filled with ‘nightmarish beasts’ and possibly having to revert to his true form he was also a tiny bit interested about what he would learn.

Roleplay Info:
I like lit better but I personally am very flexible.

Roleplay example: James walked through the halls nervously, it was so different from his normal school and he was still not used to the fact that monsters and other mythological creatures were real and that he and his family were among them. “Guess I will just have to get used to that minor fact.” he whispers to himself with a hint of sarcasm and fear in his voice.

Roleplay schedule: On weekdays I get on usually around 4:30 Eastern Time and can stay usually for an hour or two, weekends in the morningish but it varies.
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