Kore_ telling his tale Picture

It's now time to reveal the story!!

adapted from a mythological tale about the bird monster "Roc", this story takes place after a Roc attack. The myth I read told me about how Roc would attack kingdoms and kill everyone except for the princess of the land.

Kore is a young man (probably only into his early teens) and has lived a mostly secluded life. The only people he's been in constant contact with are his parents so naturally he wouldn't be used to say... girls (that'd be on the picture anyway, Kore's parents lived outside the established boundaries of their native kingdom because they wanted to hide Kore away. Apparently his closed left eye is hiding something Kore and his family don't want to show (lol and as I haven't decided what's there... you'll never know).
In the wake of the Rocs, Kore ventures into the demolished main castle court to find that last surviving person. This Princess (as the myth says its always a princess) charges Kore, as he's the only person left, with the duty of avenging his home kingdom.
Kore is then ready to set out on his journey, but before he goes, his father gives him what I'll call here a "draught of petrification".
Kore sets off with the goal of turning the head Roc into stone.
His first head on encounter with the Roc's turns out badly, as he fails to petrify the Roc leader, and he wastes the entire draught on a single feather. This feather is turned into a stone stronger than any steel, but as light as any ordinary feather. So Kore brandishes it as a sword from then on with the hopes of harnessing the Roc's own devastating wind powers against it.
and so he continues on....

as another note, the girls are actually characters in the story (granted, the right one isn't as developed as the left one) so they actually have importance. Kore and his botched first attempt and getting his sword is like the beginning of the story, so he'll continue on his quest and have travelling buddies and so forth. Standard adventurer character fair
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