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Caoilfhionn Mac Duibhshíthe [KEE-lin mack DUFF-yhe(?)] - nicknamed Kee.
The Irish creature of darkness~! I don't know more exactly what she is, sadly. Oh, and she's a 98-year-old xD
She can spit acid, so I suggest that you watch out for that. Her fangs are retractable. She can dislocate her jaw somewhat.

Most definitely some kind of an mechanic and inventor and she herself made the mechanic arm. She had built it long before, when she had an accident that caused her right arm to loose much strength and mobility. In order to re-gain that she decided on a gamble - replacing her arm with the mechanic one. It was a surprising success and ever since has she upgraded the arm the best she can and when she can.
The arm was a prototype when she created it and she doesn't really have the means or time to make a new and better one.

Despite seeming like a grump she's actually surprisingly positive and happy most of the time. Extremely patient. Risk-taker. Reckless. Possessive; especially about her tools and work place.
One of the few who actually gets some respect from Vincenzo, but that most likely has to do with the fact that he once tried to steal something of hers and got... well, punished for it. She doesn't give much of a damn that he has way higher status than she does in their organization.

I kinda like her and it surprised me that I still can draw females... 8I Humanoid females, that is. Then again... most of the time my females tend to look ridiculously masculine... |D Luckily Caoilfhionn doesn't.

She has a Hammer of Thor necklace since she's fascinated by Nordic mythology and she also has a Trinity Knot necklace.

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Caoilfhionn and art © M.J. Karppinen, ~Skeleton-Hellflame
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