Princess Polymnia Ref (Inflecto AU) Picture

Name: Princess Polymnia
Name Meaning: "Much Song" in Ancient Greek (Derived from one of the Nine Muses of the same name, who were goddesses of song, dance, and music in Greek Mythology)
Gender: Female
Species: Alicorn (Ascended)/Unicorn Mix (Unicorn Dominant)
Age: Adult Mare
Parents: Princess/Monarch Celestia (Mother), ??? (Father)
Relatives: Princess/Monarch Luna (Aunt), Princess Cadance (Cousin), Princess (Later King) Regulus Mi Amore (First Cousin), Princess Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor (Step-Aunt and Uncle respectively) Steam Burst and Starry Strings (Cousins through Aunt Twilight)
Special Talent: Light and Crystal-based Magic
Cutie Mark: Five Crystals (Green, Light Blueish-purple, Yellow, Red, and Reddish-pink) with (Very light blue) Star markings
Unusual Traits: None
Bio: [Coming Soon]


I think I added a little too much sparkle into Polymnia's mane and tail. o.O Ah well. XD Anyways, here's another character for my Inflecto AU, as part of the next-gen group (another being Dysnomia). Polymnia is Celestia's daughter in my Inflecto AU, and she's just a little younger then Dysnomia, with the 2 having just a 3 month gap between each other. She inherits her mother and aunt's place as ruler of Equestria later on, but I won't say how. :3

Oh, and Polymnia was designed for me by
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