Sketch: Sampere Fulra Picture

Descendiente de los Titanes: La Quimera -or- Descendant from the Titans: The Chimera

v.v; This took far too long to come up with, and this is only a sketch. When I post this it'll be finalized and colored hopefully. Well anyway, this is La Quimera, the resurection form of my arrancar Sampere Fulra.

Some facts about my headache, so I would love if you could read this for me:

-In original mythology, the Chimera is a lioness, a she-goat, and a snake. I decided to favor the goat in this, but the base animals for La Quimera are the African lion, a common farm goat, and unseen the whip-tailed spider.

-La Quimera has two giant strengths: speed and defense. Defense is profound all in thanks to his 'mane' and 'goat hair'. All he does is curl up in a ball and whatnot and physical attacks are stopped or failed horribly, and non-physical attacks can be deflected and used against the person.

-The two elements that La Quimera uses are Fire and Aether. The chimera breathed fire which caused it's death. Ironically, aether refers to nothing in the myth or the beast in general, but for Sampere the ability to cleanse the air for his fire makes the fifth element appear.

-La Quimera is a hermaphrodite. Sampere is male while the beast is originally female. Sampere is silent when he fights or when he does other things. His voice still retains a male sound, but at first, he can confuse people because of his voice.

-Sampere is technically 'not' Sampere in his released state. He looks nothing like his human form and can further decieve people. He can also be portrayed as a faun as well.

-Only when his mother is insulted, he is able to turn into a more monsterous form that carries a broken broad sword. Sampere strongly denies that his mother was a whore and will go to great lengths to defend her pride.

That's all you need to know for now. I'll place some more when I scan the other two sketches on here.

Sampere (c) Me ^.^;
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