I am Zeus Picture

I am Zeus the almighty god of thunder and skies the cloud-gatherer the king of both Gods and Men and the ruler of Olympus.
I rule over all the Heavens as well as all the Earth I am the son of the treacherous Titan Cronus who swallowed me and my siblings one by one my mother was the Titaness Rhea who saved me by giving my father a stone to eat in my place and hath sent me away to be raised on an island where my father could not find me.
When I hath reached manhood I made sure my father and all Titan kind would pay dearly for their treachery first I cut open the stomach of my father and hath freed my siblings then I hath imprisoned all of the Titans in the deepest depths of Tartarus since then I and my siblings along with our children rule over this world and mankind together.
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