Ogun - African Warrior God Picture

Ogun, syncretized with Saint George, was the first Orisha (god) to come to Earth and to find a suitable place for human life.
He is one of the major gods in Yoruba mythology, he is the god of war and protection, the sentinel that protects the men and woman who fight each day for their lives and for the sustenance of their families. He protects soldiers and fight along with them when they summon his power. Some old legends says that there is a secret prayer, that if prayed in battle, will summon Ogun himself to completely destroy the enemy army, but if said outside a war, the wrath of Ogun will destroy everything on his path.
The legends says he was a powerful prince of a great kingdom. He would never rest after victory and would always search for new lands to conquer. He was seductive and lustful, having affairs with all the women in region and fighting with their boyfriends for the right to have them as their wives.
Despise the portrayal of a severe soldier, Ogun is a loving father who delivers his childrem from all sort of evil. He is the son of Yemonja, the goddess of the sea, and because of this some legends says he dwells in the moon, on a everlasting battle against a evil dragon, to protect his mother (the sea).
He is also the god of fire and the lord of metals and blades.

"Patakori Ogun, Ogun Ie" is the salutation to this god

I hope you enjoy this artwork, a tribute to one of my beloved gods
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