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Influence map, finally. For sure my choices aren't big surprises, haha! And hopefully you guys have patience to read all of these, this is going to be a long description...

Nature and animals
Finnish mythology and folklore

The Kalevala is taught in every Finnish school and therefore many people do not care about our national epic; just another boring subject at school.
But they are interesting stories and quite a dramatic as well. Besides they reflect thoughts of typical Finn and therefore it's easy to identify with the characters.
Then again we definitely should not forget South Ostrobothnian and Lappish tales, even if they are completely different from Karelian ones (Ostrobothnian ones are less nature-themed and much more fierce).

For me our mythology and nature go in hand in hand. North Karelia is the most beautiful region in Finland, so I don't think it's a wonder how Karelian nature has inspired ancient people as well. Old myths and believes do have a great influence on my own view of nature. Because of this certain animals seem like some sort of "mysterious creatures", while the others are nothing but an ordinary ones - the ancient people thought like this! But their view of nature is quite a fascinating and to be honest, I would rather believe in these believes than any religious stuff.
I have been fascinated by nature and animals since a child. Beautiful places and moments make me dream and calm me down. And since I feel that forest is a secure place, I don't find even nightly forest frightening.
Especially birds have interested me, probably because they can fly and there are countless different kind of bird species around the world. Also Finnish fauna has some exceptional creatures, just look at Eurasian jay or ruff!
I have never had a pet, but a privilege to have sort of "wild pets". There was Canada goose family when I was little younger and now two swan families that you know from my photos.


Music makes me imagine and in this way is inspiring.
I find the music of Amorphis very evocative and in fact this is one reason why I love them so much. Also, in one interview Tomi said that they're like a soundtrack for the Kalevala and I feel the same.
I love to write novels as well and for a year I have been writing Kalevala-spirited one; I think it's inspired by old tales and Amorphis equally. For example the prologue is inspired by Thousand Lakes, while the last chapter is based on Brother Moon and My Kantele.
And when The Beginning of Times was released, I was hiking in North Karelia and while listening to the album I also remember all those woods, lakes, hills, sunrises (oh, Crack In A Stone always reminds me of the thunder shower in the middle of the dark wilds). I think it's quite a appropriate...

But of course also other music inspires me in this way, especially good old Indica in Finnish and our folk music.

Visual arts

Of course, since I like to paint and draw as well. Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Pirkko-Liisa Surojegin are my favourite artists, both have brilliant styles and subjects as well.


There are countless novels I like, but the ones that have had an influence on me as a writer...
Yrjö Kokko was a known Finnish writer. He's got a unique style; I have always liked how he can describe things and different feelings so vividly. Finnish mythology, nature, Lapland, human mind, happy and melancholic moments are main themes of these stories. Neljän tuulen tie ('The Way of Four Winds') and especially Laulujoutsen, Ultima Thulen lintu ('Whooper swan, the bird of Ultima Thule') are among my all-time favourite novels. I was pretty little when I read Laulujoutsen for the first time and without doubt it had a great influence on my impression of this bird.
Also Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (consists six novels and all of them are translated into Finnish; the series is called Muinainen pimeys) by Michelle Paver has inspired my own novel quite lot. There's a great feeling in these novels.


I love the four seasons equally, they all are beautiful in a different ways. And now I just quote a great musician, since I could not say it better:
"Actually, it does not matter what season it is - if I notice that out there something is changing, I always get a good feeling. The same feeling I get when summer is over and you breathe in cold air from outside. The trees drop their leaves and you realize that it is fall and then winter comes. Those are sentiments that inspire me very much."


They never get old. I think it's good to have a childlike mind and not take things too seriously.
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