Scrolls of the Kuhraiy Near-Final Logo Picture

Here's an updated logo now. Yes, I've finally finished those two daggers. Took me around fifteen hours in illustrator to do both (well, the first one took me about that time, the second only about 10 minutes to recolor). I also altered the colors on the rest of the logo as well.

I like the colors for "Scrolls of the" now. I'd say that's final. The daggers forming the A is also final, though the positioning might be adjusted and tweaked slightly. The colors on Kuhraiy... probably need to be changed. I'm still trying to brainstorm ideas on what to replace those colors with. All in all, though, way, way better than what I had before.

Feedback is welcome. Even if its to say you don't like the idea of including the daggers to replace the A. I thought it was clever. Either way the daggers look awesome, so I'm for sure going to use them in someway. Mostlikely gonna stick with this, but I may potentially change things around depending on what I think of it. The only thing I plan to do right now, though, is find replacement colors for kuhraiy, maybe using gradients instead to make it a little shinier; the daggers are shiny, so it makes the rest look off now I think.

Oh, and yes, the prior WIP has now been placed in scraps.

Disclaimer: Relm Kisaragi, Kuhraiy, Scrolls of the Kuhraiy, and all related to them are copyright me, JaidynReiman. Muramasa and Murasame are mythological references I am using and are in no way related to other franchises that happen to use the same names. And yes, its more than just Squeenix that use such references, though they tend to do it more commonly. "Asian Guy" font is copyright Allen Chui.
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