ORPG Ruth's tale Picture

For ORPG [link] a manipulation of a few of the characters. Specifically, my character Ruth portrayed by Rooney Mara on the Far right, the two characters she has met so far in the RP and the two character she will meet.

Jacob 'Dutch' Epperson: On the left portrayed by Jamie Bell. Jacob is the first demigod Ruth ever meets. It is Jacob that takes her to Camp Half-Blood, and thus is the only person at the camp she trusts at the moment, she also has a small hero crush on him that may develop into something more.
Ryan Osbourne: Behind Jacob, but not in the way back, portrayed by Sam Worthington. Ryan is the first at camp to greet Ruth. Ryan is a son of Ares, it has been sort of revealed that Ruth is a daughter of Enyo, who in mythology has be described as a counterpart and companion to Ares. I kinda want these two to become good friends.
Edgar Blackpine: Ruth and Edgar's meeting is something that not even the gods could stop. He is my sister's character portrayed by the amazing Hugo Weaving (specifically as his role from 2010's The Wolfman) and we've had it planned that they become companions since I originally created Ruth.
Erin Peake: In the way back portrayed by Stacey Farber. A meeting between these two is probably inevitable seeing as they both have/had a romantic interest in Jacob. As of right now, Erin has no memory of Jacob or their relationship and currently works for Gaea. I don't want them to be rivals, rather, I'd prefer that Erin tries to recruit Ruth to Gaea's army by telling her how the people at CHB abandoned her and left her for dead, thus causing Ruth who, as the daughter of a minor goddess, already feels out of place and distrustful of her fellow campers.

I wanted this to sort of look like a poster for a movie. It could be better, but I wanted to be done with it. I might do more with it later.
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